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CloudBand Infrastructure Software

Get NFVI and VIM for OpenStack-based virtual machines

OpenStack NFVI/VIM

CloudBand Infrastructure Software (CBIS) is a ready to use, open source based virtual infrastructure that provides serviceability, operability and universal applicability for OpenStack virtual machines, with a highly available, fully secure and protected solution that is simple to use and easily upgradeable.


CBIS virtualizes and manages compute, storage and network resources for VNFs, while meeting strict requirements for robustness, performance and security. Each instance manages one NFVI node across one or more equipment racks, typically at a single geographical location.

It performs the virtual infrastructure manager (VIM) function and provides the virtualization software (hypervisor, virtual switch, monitoring) installed on each server. It offers a rich array of features, including enhanced platform awareness (EPA) for high performance virtual network functions, robust security solutions, flexible hardware support, and rich monitoring capabilities.


CBIS is easy to install, operate and manage, using the CBIS Manager, an intuitive and friendly dashboard, which assists in performing all manner of life-cycle management processes. In addition, CBIS Manager is also a launchpad to other OpenStack interfaces.


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