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Nokia Container Services

Boost your efficiency and agility with containerized cloud-native infrastructure and management

Nokia Container Services is ready to use, pre-integrated, and based on open source toolsets and software services. Designed for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), it enables deploying and managing cloud-native applications, whether inside a Virtual Machine (VM) or Bare Metal (BM).


Installations are supported on bare metal servers, virtualized cloud environments (such as OpenStack and VMware), and public cloud virtualized environments including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure. Covering all these platforms with a single solution for cloud infrastructure and management frees you to make deployment decisions based on key criteria (such as cost or latency), while minimizing operational complexity.

Cluster management

The software enables you to deploy and manage Kubernetes cluster nodes. The system consists of a manager node to deploy & manage the system, three master nodes to run the Kubernetes control plane, and a varying number of worker/edge nodes to run the application workloads. It also provides support for a small footprint deployment. Enabling functions include role-based access control, infrastructure and application fault and performance management, and operational dashboards.

Nokia backed, pre-integrated open source solution

For years CSPs have trusted Nokia to harden, integrate, and support open source community project software, such as OpenStack. This software marks a new chapter in this tradition, enabling our customers to keep pace with the latest developments in cloud technologies, without taking on the burdensome and perpetual responsibilities of open source tool integration, testing, and vulnerability management. Nokia taps all six of the graduated and approximately half of the incubating projects in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s program.

Run anywhere

Flexibility and agility are the new benchmarks for your success. With this software managing your Kubernetes deployments, you can react instantly to market dynamics with the ability to deploy and manage Nokia and 3rd party containerized applications, when and where it makes the most sense.

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