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Nokia Registers - Home Subscriber Server (HSS)

Nokia Registers; the unified solution for subscriber access management.

The new Nokia Registers is the evolution of our industry leading Nokia HSS solution and includes all functionalities of HLR/HSS/UDM/AUSF. Using advanced capabilities of Nokia user data repositories (One-NDS / Shared Data Layer (SDL)), Nokia Registers solution enables subscriber data to be consolidated into a common repository using a distributed and flexible architecture.

Most operators today have to deal with different technologies in their networks, be they fixed, mobile, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G or WiFi networks. They need to manage subscribers’ data and subscriber access management in a flexible way across all these technologies, while also delivering a high-quality of service to their subscribers and ensuring quick and smooth introduction of new and innovative services.

How do Nokia Registers support subscriber data management?

  • The Nokia Registers solution supports management of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, IoT and fixed networks in a unified and extremely scalable approach that decouples subscriber data management from HLR/HSS/UDM/AUSF functions.

  • The Nokia Registers is a powerful solution for multi-technology network subscriber data and service management, and is ready for evolution to 5G and upcoming next generation networks.

Why are Nokia Registers and Home Subscriber Server (HSS) important?

  • Nokia Registers combines UDM & AUSF functions for 5G, the HSS function for LTE and IMS and the HLR/AuC function for 2G/3G into one unified solution
  • Nokia HLR and Authentication Center functions for 2G/3G subscriber access and subscriber data management
  • UDM and AUSF functions enable a standards compliant data management solution for 5G subscribers
  • IMS HSS provides a subscriber data management solution for IMS-based networks
  • Nokia Registers is a cloud-native solution providing a flexible architecture that allows you to choose your deployment scenario
  • Subscriber Profile Repository (SPR) supports the centralization of third-party Policy and Charging Rules Functions (PCRF) data into the geo-redundant, highly scalable One-NDS

Subscriber Data Management features

Provides 2G/3G/4G/5G and non-3GPP (WiFi) access management within a field-hardened and standard compliant solution

Combines circuit switched voice, VoLTE, VoWiFi support into a single Registers solution

Allows easy introduction of MTC (Machine Type Communications) and IoT (Internet of Things) services

Delivers seamless roaming, handover and load balancing between technologies

Saves OPEX with common applications, single point of provisioning and simplified network architecture

Enables geo-redundancy, multi-applications hosting - including third party applications - and multi-tenancy thanks to the advanced capabilities of One-NDS

Nokia Registers available as Virtualized Network Functions, providing smooth 5G evolution towards cloud network architectures.

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