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Network directory server for subscriber data management

One-NDS (Network Directory Server) is the central element in Subscriber Data Management (SDM) solution by Nokia, and is a real-time, resilient and distributed data and application-hosting environment conceived and built for 2G, 3G and LTE networks.

One-NDS consolidates essential subscriber profile information across networks and services to achieve efficiencies and cost savings by breaking down data silos and reducing the number of proprietary interfaces between applications and the data they require. By addressing the need for a massively scalable, high-performance, continuously available data store, One-NDS not only consolidates subscriber profile data, but enables rapid and cost-effective development of future applications and services.


One-NDS is specifically designed to enable the use of a common centralized database by multiple applications through the support of open data access protocols. One-NDS and all Nokia-supplied applications have been proven to scale from 100K to over 250M subscribers.

Multiple applications such as Nokia HSS/HLR, EIR, MNP, AAA, PCRF or DDE, and 3rd party applications are supported by One-NDS. Front-ends are deployed as data-less applications in record time and with less risk of errors, because subscriber data is stored in a central repository with single point of provisioning.

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