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Amber Mac

AmberMac Media, Inc.

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Amber Mac

Amber Mac is an award-winning podcaster, TV host, and bestselling author - and an internationally-known technology reporter, entrepreneur, and social media personality. She started her career at Razorfish in San Francisco during the dot-com boom and has since been at the forefront of reporting on and participating in digital innovation.

Her broadcast roles include hosting innovation programs on networks such as Bloomberg, TechTV, and SiriusXM. She is also a frequent contributor to Fast Company. She has written a bestselling business book on digital marketing (2010) and most recently wrote an Internet security book (2016). Amber runs her own content marketing company, AmberMac Media. “With few equals,” writes YouTube co-founder Steve Chen, “Amber continues to demonstrate a keen insight towards the continually evolving fabric of the social web.”

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