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Catherine D. Henry

Global Innovation Officer
Palpable Media Inc.

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Catherine D. Henry


Catherine D. Henry is one of the most sought-after female Tech Innovation speakers in the world. As one of the top women covering Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and XR integration, she advises international corporations on “Virtualization Strategies.” Her work combines Cultural Futurism with Technology and Strategy, across Enterprise, Advertising and Entertainment.

With a career spanning nearly 20 years in global financial services leading Institutional Sales for private and equity investments, she focused on "Megatrends" the convergence of technology, social and demographic trends, heading teams across 6 continents.

Catherine speaks 5 languages and holds an MA in Economics from Johns Hopkins SAIS and an MBA the SDA Bocconi. She studied Immersive Filmmaking at the NY Film Academy & in 2016 and founded Palpable Media.

She founded and leads the XR Creatives, the largest creative tech community on the East Coast of the US with nearly 3,000 members. She is a prominent African-American woman in technology.

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