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AirFrame data center

Adapt to any cloud-based application

The acceleration of telco and IT convergence and the need to support a diverse range of demanding applications requires an innovative solution that takes all the benefits from the IT and open source domains to create a scalable and distributed cloud-based architecture.

More and more services, including 5G need network functionalities and capabilities located at the most efficient point within a network. This is necessary in order to address strict latency constraints and to process huge data demands that will be critical in delivering services with real-time responsiveness.

Network architectures need a re-think, with layered and distributed network topologies containing optimized hardware to deliver unparalleled performance and the greatest flexibility.

Nokia AirFrame data center solution is designed for running demanding virtualized and cloud-native software workloads. Security of the hardware and firmware is uncompromised and fulfills increased privacy and security needs for carrier grade networks. Enhancements including advanced packet, crypto, GPU and workload-specific acceleration make AirFrame to perform better than any traditional IT servers.

Benefits and features

High performing applications 

Deliver telco applications that demand low latency and high throughput

Open solutions 

Deploy state-of-the-art data center components that support open and interoperable cloud solutions

Compliant and compatible 

Utilize fully IT compliant hardware able to run the most common IT cloud applications in parallel with telco

Flexible locations

Deploy flexible and innovative data centers that can be strategically located at locations that matter most

AirFrame data center solution elements

The Nokia AirFrame data center solution gives operators all the benefits and flexibility to build compact and efficient cloud computing data center that meet both Telco and IT requirements.

Nokia Data center solution is complemented with OPNFV compatible, OpenStack and Container distribution.  

Nokia data center solution provides solution from far edge to central data centers with common automation and managements system with needed workflow tools. 

Nokia AirFrame Rackmount server

Nokia AirFrame Rackmount is a high-performance, energy-efficient 2-socket solution for the heavy workload data centers. 

The latest generation Intel Xeon scalable processors maximize platform’s speed and crucial computing performance. Utilizes the latest NVMe SSDs in a wide range of forms to minimize energy use and to deliver the fastest bandwidth, higher IOPS and lower latency.

Complete portfolio of servers, storage, networking, accelerators and commodities help communication service providers quickly move to the cloud-defined data center. With a native support for Nokia Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) and Cloud Native Network Functions (CNFs), Nokia AirFrame Rackmount is a very important building block of 5G network deployments.



  • ​​​​​Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 - 8.x,
  • Red Hat OpenStack Platform for Compute 14.0 - 14.x and 13.0 – 13.x,
  • Red Hat Gluster Storage 3.3 - 3.x,
  • Red Hat OpenShift (OCP) 4.4

Wind River

  • Wind River Cloud platform 19.12
  • Wind River Titanium Cloud


  • Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS


  • Oracle Linux 7.x 


  • VMWare ESXi 7.0,
  • vSphere 6.7


  • Windows Server 2019,
  • Windows Server 2016 & 2012 (R2)

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