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AirFrame Fronthaul Gateway

Enabling efficient, fronthaul networks


Nokia AirFrame Fronthaul Gateway (FHGW) is a network element enabling operators to manage radio equipment connections.

FHGW connects legacy CPRI-based radios to the new Ethernet-based all-in-cloud BTS architecture, while the radio CPRI interfaces remaining unchanged.

The Fronthaul Gateway is the first solution built and tailored to fully support edge and far-edge cloud deployments offering an extremely compact footprint with the AirFrame open edge server chassis.

Benefits and features


Flexible deployment

FHGW co-located with vDU in a C-RAN data center or co-located with vDU at D-RAN site


LTE and 5G support

Legacy (CPRI/OBSAI) radios or native eCPRI RRHs


Aggregating ports

Fewer fibers needed


Dynamic spectrum sharing

Dynamic spectrum sharing



Reduction in fronthaul BW

Non-collocated Fronthaul Gateway (FHGW)


Reuse legacy radios



Dynamic scalability

Centralized cloud automation for fewer radio site visits, fewer hardware variants

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