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7250 Interconnect Router for data center fabrics

Deploy modular, high capacity data center switches for an open, leaf-spine architecture

Nokia 7250 Interconnect Routers (7250 IXR-6e/7250 IXR-10e) for data center fabrics are modular, high capacity platforms that allow you to deploy an open leaf-spine architecture using modern data center switches.

A key part of our Data Center Fabric solution, these next-generation platforms are designed to deliver the massive scale, reliability and investment protection that communications service providers (CSPs), enterprises and webscale companies demand. They implement a system capacity of up to 230.4 Tb/s with 400GE, 100GE, 40GE, 25GE and 10GE interfaces for intra-fabric and server connectivity.

Features and benefits

The 7250 IXR-6e/10e platforms let you combine massive-scale interconnectivity with an open, extensible and resilient network operating system (NOS) and an operations toolkit that enables you to automate every phase of your data center fabric operations.

Modular, high-availability platforms

The 7250 IXR-6e/10e platforms are designed with superior innovations that provide an upgrade path to future-generation silicon and line cards. The innovations include:

  • A high-quality, midplane-less, orthogonal direct cross-connect design, which is critical for supporting future interfaces that deliver faster speeds
  • A fabric-optimized design that ensures upgradability for tomorrow balanced with superior efficiency today
  • A power- and cooling-optimized design
  • Support for 400GE ZR (extended reach) optics in all pluggable optics positions without compromise
A modern, open NOS

The 7250 IXR-6e/10e platforms implement our SR Linux NOS, a unique, ground-up architecture built around modular model-driven management. With SR Linux, you can:

  • Bring simplified operations and integrations, ultimate visibility and unmatched flexibility to your data centers
  • Evolve your data center networks using essential enhanced IP routing features such as MP-BGP, EVPN and VXLAN
  • Give your NetOps teams and application developers the confidence to fine-tune and customize the data center leaf-spine platforms and NOS to meet their needs
Intent-based automation and operations

The 7250 IXR-6e/10e platforms are managed by our Fabric Services System toolkit, which supports automation at scale for all key phases of data center fabric operations, including Day 0 design, Day 1 deployment and Day 2+ operations. With the Fabric Services System, you can:

  • Onboard application workloads faster by automating fabric designs and configurations, including EVPN-based workload connectivity
  • Manage the risk of change by using the built-in digital sandbox, which provides a network digital twin that emulates data center fabrics, application workloads and external Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)speakers

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