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Dynamic Enterprise Services

Dynamically connect enterprise customers to the bandwidth, applications, and things they need.

Our Dynamic Enterprise Services solution suite lets service providers offer the on-demand services and self-serve capabilities that enterprises want and expect. It helps deliver a superior end-user experience while expanding your portfolio, so you can increase profits and meet enterprises’ growing bandwidth, application, and service demands.

You can use our suite of solutions and products to bring on-demand connectivity, communications, and cloud services to any enterprise site. With our SDN, NFV, service orchestration, and assurance capabilities, you can deliver:

  • SD-WAN services, including branch connectivity and managed value-added services
  • Network connectivity services such as business internet, IP VPN, Carrier Ethernet, data center interconnect, and optical wave services
  • Cloud services, including infrastructure, platform or software as a service (IaaS, PaaS or SaaS), and direct connect to public clouds
  • Managed services and value-added services such as secure connectivity, secure Internet of Things (IoT) access, and unified communications
  • Service orchestration and infrastructure control that meet the needs of enterprises, including virtual network orchestration and carrier SDN

Boost profits with on-demand service delivery

Our solution eases your transition to an on-demand service delivery model. It provides a full suite of services and flexible commercial options to ensure that you get the best fit for your service deployment strategies and business objectives. With Dynamic Enterprise Services, you can boost profitability by improving total cost of ownership, reducing time to revenue, achieving operational excellence, and expanding your market reach.

A framework for on-demand service delivery



The solution framework includes service orchestration and infrastructure control capabilities across wide area, branch and data center networking locations, along with professional services.

  • Our service orchestration solution provides dynamic, hands-free, comprehensive service fulfillment and assurance. It supports a turnkey deployment, service ordering, and delivery experience. An extensible ETSI-standard management and orchestration (MANO) software stack manages the virtual infrastructure, virtual functions lifecycle, and network service orchestration workflows.
  • Our infrastructure control solution combines virtual networks orchestration (VNO) with carrier SDN. VNO dynamically connects new, existing, and hybrid services across the WAN, SD-WAN, and data center. Carrier SDN increases WAN automation by providing dynamic network and service provisioning, optimization, and assurance.
  • Our networking components span multiple network layers. They include physical and virtual IP routing platforms, optical platforms, and SD-WAN and SDN platforms for the branch and data center. The data center platform includes all the server hardware and software you need to run any cloud-based application.
  • Our Cloud Wise Services provide expert help that clears your path toward cloud-based dynamic network services.

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