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Dynamic Enterprise Services

Managed services

Protect and increase revenues with innovative managed services

The Nokia Dynamic Enterprise services suite helps you use managed services to differentiate your enterprise offer and generate new revenue. It enables you to win more business by tailoring managed WAN services and managed value-added services (VAS) to enterprises’ networking requirements.

Our products and solutions strengthen your managed services offer by enabling you to:

  • Use communications and collaboration to simplify VAS enhancements and make them an easy add-on to network connectivity services
  • Add value and build trust with cybersecurity, access control, anti-spam, and antivirus services
  • Offer managed IoT connectivity to enterprise customers worldwide
  • Allow enterprise customers to manage their deployed devices

Clear new paths to profitability with managed services

Differentiate your offer with managed WAN services

Offer managed WAN services and deliver value to your enterprise customers. Our products and solutions let you complement your connectivity services with monitoring, reporting, and application-assurance capabilities, or complete outsourcing of the enterprise WAN connectivity.

Increase revenue with new managed VAS

Generate new revenue with managed VAS that provide on-demand and self-serve capabilities. Our Dynamic Enterprise Services suite helps you attract customers by offering a broader range of managed VAS, including security, firewall, IP collaboration, NAT, and WAN optimization services.

Grow your managed services footprint

Expand revenue from each customer by adding new capabilities to your managed services offer. Our Dynamic Enterprise Services suite makes it easy to onboard Nokia and third-party tools and services. It helps you react quickly to market demands and attract new enterprise customer segments.

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