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Dynamic Enterprise Services

Network connectivity services

Deliver the dynamic network connectivity that enterprises want

With our Dynamic Enterprise Services suite, you can address enterprises’ evolving network connectivity needs with carrier SDN-enabled dynamic IP, Carrier Ethernet, and optical wave services.

Our products and solutions let you use SDN, NFV, cloud, and application assurance to enable enterprises to:

  • Change their connectivity service attributes on demand
  • Enhance their connectivity services to scale dynamically
  • Self-manage their services without relying on your IT department
  • Automate, assure, and optimize their WAN services
  • Virtualize key network, service, and device functions

Address new demands with enhanced connectivity services

Carrier Ethernet and IP services

Increase customer retention and revenue by enabling enterprises to change service attributes on demand. Our IP networking portfolio allows you to offer dynamic Carrier Ethernet and IP (IP VPN and internet access) services with the ability to activate/deactivate new connections, request bandwidth changes and make changes to the class of service on demand.

Wave (optical) services

Stay ahead of the competition by gaining the ability to deliver on-demand, high-capacity, low-latency wavelength services. Our optical networking solution allows you to turn your optical network into an agile and efficient wavelength and Carrier Ethernet services delivery platform.

Application-assured services

Reduce OPEX and unleash value by empowering enterprises to optimize application performance and detect VPN service issues. Our application-assured services let you give enterprise customers Layer 3–7 visibility, analytics, reporting, and control functions

Data center interconnect services

Capitalize on demand for services that interconnect multiple cloud-based and SDN-enabled data centers. Our IP and optical solutions let you support seamless interconnection for data centers and end users across the IP/MPLS WAN.

NFV-based branch connectivity services

Reduce total cost of ownership by using NFV to adopt virtual CPE models and simplify managed services rollouts. With our NFV solutions, you can offer local CPE functions centrally and use virtualized network functions (VNFs) to support new value-added services.

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