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Optical LAN (POL)

Save money, go green and boost the performance of your organization with a long-term fiber network

Build a fiber LAN infrastructure that exceeds expectations

Redefine the business-as-usual connected experience with an Optical Local Area Network from Nokia.

Our Optical LAN solution helps public and private sector organizations address evolving service demands with outstanding network performance. They allow businesses, governments, airports, logistics, manufacturing, hotels, real estate developers, and universities to:

  • Reduce costs by deploying one simple network
  • Add capacity to boost business performance
  • Improve mobile connectivity for all users

Our solution can help your organization, too. With an Optical LAN, you can deliver better service experiences, lower your costs, and get value from your network for decades to come.

Optical LAN research reports by Omdia

Benefits and features

Deliver a premium service experience

Experience gigabit and 10 gigabit speeds, with unlimited bandwidth potential

Reduce CAPEX and OPEX

Streamline operations, cut energy consumption, free up space, and decrease equipment and cabling costs

Deploy a long-term solution

Get value for 50+ years by investing in a flexible, scalable, fiber-based LAN

Calculate the total cost of ownership for your LAN technology options

Use the Nokia LAN Savings Calculator to compare costs for a traditional copper-based LAN versus an Optical LAN. The difference an Optical LAN can make will surprise you.

Start your calculation:

  • Input some basic facts about your LAN coverage requirements: floors, end-points and cabling.
  • And discover the total cost of ownership as well as CAPEX and OPEX savings.

Nokia Optical LAN portfolio

Field-proven solution for all industry segments

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