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Optical LAN (POL)
for industrial sites

Accelerate productivity and reduce costs with a highspeed, resilient and future-proof fiber-based communications network

Every industrial site, whether it’s used for manufacturing, logistics services or warehousing, needs a backhaul network to support its digital transformation initiatives and support the transfer of data and communications from the shop floor to where they’re needed most. But traditional, copper-based backhaul networks simply can’t provide the capacity, flexibility or sustainability required for the advanced digital applications coming with the 4th industrial revolution. Installing a copper-based backhaul network is time-consuming and expensive. The network consumes too much space and energy, and it can’t scale to provide the bandwidth needed to support new digital technologies and automation solutions.  

Nokia Optical LAN for industrial sites overcomes the limitations of copper-based backhaul networks to help industrial sites evolve their operations in a cost-effective way today and for decades to come. Industrial sites have a lightweight, fiber-based passive optical lan (POL) that:

  • Requires considerably less network equipment and cabling than copper-based backhaul networks
  • Efficiently backhauls massive volumes of data today and easily scales to meet even higher capacity requirements tomorrow
  • Consumes significantly less space and power than copper-based backhaul networks  

The solution is highly resilient, highly available and based on widely field-proven technologies. It also features a simple, flat network architecture and a centralized and intuitive web-based network management environment. Even as you scale the network, it’s fast and easy to securely support new applications, services and sites.

Use cases

The Nokia Optical LAN solution brings secure, reliable and extremely high-bandwidth backhaul capacity to every aspect of your operations.

Backhaul for private wireless networks

  • Wireless access points
  • Communications systems

Office environments 

  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Routers    
  • Real-time data analytics
  • Surveillance

Production environments (shop floor)

  • Industrial ruggedized devices
  • Connected automated equipment  
  • IoT for processes, vehicles, people and equipment
  • Robotic, guided and automated technology solutions
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality for training and maintenance

Benefits and features

With the Nokia Optical LAN solution, you’re ideally positioned to achieve productivity, operational efficiency and environmental goals at industrial sites:

Reduce capital and operating costs

with a single, simple LAN that requires less infrastructure, consumes less space, uses less power and is more reliable

Increase flexibility

with a LAN that quickly and easily scales to deliver the capacity needed to support new sites, applications and services

Accelerate operations

with a LAN that delivers 10 Gbps speeds to the devices, equipment and systems connected to it

Increase network security

with passive fiber, role-and resource-based access control and military-grade security features like AES-128 bits encryption

Increase application and service reliability

with a resilient, carrier-grade LAN that provides 99.999% availability and supports full service separation with differentiated quality of service (QoS) 

Simplify network management

with an intuitive and automated local or cloud-based LAN management environment 

Simplify maintenance and upgrades

with a LAN that relies on less equipment and fewer cables

Reach sustainability targets

with a LAN that significantly lowers power consumption to reduce your carbon footprint

Lower total cost of ownership up to 50%

Compared to a traditional, copper-based LAN, an optical LAN reduces:

7 times

Cable volume


Equipment footprint 

up to 40%

Energy savings

*Based on a 5 floors building with 620 endpoints

Schematic solution architecture

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