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Gain a competitive edge with fast, reliable in-flight broadband

How good is in-flight Wi-Fi?

Our air-to-ground LTE solution can help your airline gain a competitive edge by offering fast and reliable in-flight broadband connectivity on continental routes. Based on state-of-the-art cellular technology, it provides an integrated network that allows you to improve the passenger experience by providing easy access to compelling broadband internet and infotainment services.

Bring broadband to the skies by deploying our air-to-ground solution, giving passengers the freedom to use their own devices to access online services just like they do on the ground. Leisure travelers can browse the internet, keep up with social media or watch live TV at any time during their flight. Business travelers can stay connected with services such as conferencing.


Why choose air-to-ground LTE for in-flight broadband?

  • Improve the passenger experience by offering high-speed, low-latency in-flight broadband
  • Reduce cost with equipment that is simpler, lighter and less expensive than satellite systems
  • Avoid time-consuming hard disk transfers by uploading and downloading essential real-time flight data over a broadband connection
  • Streamline maintenance processes with real-time data that helps maintenance crews identify and fix problems faster
  • Gain the flexibility to roll out and expand network capacity where and when you need it

How our air-to-ground LTE solution helps you

Our air-to-ground LTE solution uses ground-based cellular system to create a direct link between the aircraft and the ground. This means it provides broadband IP connectivity without the delay hop of a satellite-based connection.

With its highly efficient air interface and flat IP network architecture, LTE provides an ideal platform for deploying an air-to-ground network. Your passengers will enjoy in-cabin high-speed internet services using Wi-Fi connectivity.

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