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Aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO)

Improve efficiency and customer service with private 5G for MRO

What is digital MRO?

Achieve your digital MRO ambitions with innovations and processes that improve operational efficiency, enhance customer service, maintain business continuity, and reduce carbon footprint. Nokia 5G private wireless for MRO companies provides the industrial-grade connectivity you need to use rich communications and digital applications to gain real-time insights into your operations.  

Our private wireless solutions let you bring technicians, engineers, customers, vendors and consultants together anytime and anywhere for live virtual table inspections, consults and more. They deliver secure, pervasive, high-bandwidth connectivity that helps you take control of quality and business continuity and build a runway to greater efficiency and productivity.


Why choose private wireless for MRO operations?

  • Ensure business continuity, reduce delays and cut travel costs by using HD video to support remote virtual table inspections and augmented reality applications
  • Eliminate the poor handover and video buffering and equipment interference common to Wi-Fi
  • Support existing and new applications with a private wireless network that offers simple plug-and-play connectivity


At the Forefront of 5G: Virtual table inspection - Lufthansa Technik

Build a connectivity foundation for MRO 4.0


Our mission-critical connectivity solutions provide make it easy to streamline your operations and unleash a new generation of digital MRO services.

  • Boost connectivity with an ultra-secure, high-performance broadband network to cover every inch of your MRO operation
  • Connect everything from personnel to sensors to video cameras and automated systems
  • Reduce costs by supporting new and existing services on one robust communications network
  • Improve processes and efficiency with real-time data, analytics and automation
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Accelerate enterprise cloud network automation and innovation

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