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Ease your airport digitalization journey with smart, dynamic networks

Take off for Airport 4.0

Our communications solutions use smart, dynamic networks to accelerate airport digitalization and realize your vision for Airport 4.0.

With our solutions, you can combine connectivity with digital technologies to enhance safety and security, streamline operational flow, reduce costs and generate new non-aeronautical revenue. You can also compete for routes and travelers by providing more attractive airport facilities and amenities together with optimized airport operations.

What is Airport 4.0?

Airport 4.0 is the air transport hub of the future, powered by wireless and wireline networks, industrial automation, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and digital twins. It will enable airports to take operational and situational awareness to new levels, reduce costs, enhance the passenger experience, emphasize monetization and build a strong green culture.

We recognize that connectivity is the key driver for Airport 4.0. Our private wireless for airports solution provides the pervasive broadband coverage you need to reimagine and redefine airside and landside operations. Our fiber-based LAN solution will enable you to meet new data demands and free up space currently used for equipment closets.

Achieve airport operational excellence

Use Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) to build a private wireless network that will help you modernize and digitalize your critical operations. By powering your operations with pervasive, high-bandwidth connectivity, you can achieve airport operational excellence and provide superior experiences to passengers, guests and airlines.

Provide scalable and flexible connectivity for airport subsystems

Nokia Optical LAN for Airports uses fiber technology to address the shortcomings of copper-based LANs. This lightweight, space-saving solution provides a cost-effective, scalable and flexible LAN that can support all your airport subsystems. It can also grow with you as you adopt new digital applications and services in the future.

Make air travel safer and simpler  

Ensuring a safe, healthy environment for passengers, staff and guests in your airport is a top priority. Our private wireless for airports solution provides a robust communications infrastructure for a touchless travel experience that can help you adhere to health regulations and optimize passenger flow.

Generate new non-aeronautical revenue

Our solutions enable you to open new non-aeronautical revenue streams by providing rich connected experiences to passengers, retail tenants, airport guests and companies operating in your airport. With the power of broadband and digital technologies, you can build a smart, connected airport that provides more paths to profitability, competitiveness and success.


Nokia industrial grade private wireless for airport


Cyber security for airports

Create a connectivity foundation for Airport 4.0

Our airport solutions give you the secure, high-performance connectivity you need to embrace Airport 4.0, achieve airport operational excellence and unleash the next generation of airport services.

  • Boost efficiency and enhance the passenger experience with connectivity that covers every inch of your operations
  • Increase non-aeronautical revenue by monetizing connectivity services across the airport
  • Reduce costs by supporting existing and new services on one robust communications network
  • Improve turnaround processes, efficiency and safety with real-time data processing, analytics and automation
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