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Purpose-designed networks built for Industry 4.0 digitalization and beyond.

The next digitalization era is here. It’s unleashing infinite new possibilities for industries, governments and cities that dream of building a more agile, digital, resilient and sustainable future. Imagine being able to re-design your physical operations in real time, optimizing for efficiency, productivity and safety, then put it all into action with the click of a button. What if you could operate more effectively, meeting both your business and sustainability goals, while maintaining continuity of your operations, no matter how markets shift or environmental conditions change?

Digital technologies are transforming industries and governments into Ready 4.0 Anything operations, powered by Nokia mission, business and society-critical networks. Our network solutions are purpose-designed to meet your unique industry needs. It’s time to realize your most ambitious goals… with #NoBoundaries.

Improving industry resilience with digital innovation

From new 5G services to ubiquitous automation, smart networking is unlocking value and making you more productive, adaptable and resilient, ready to safely navigate the next great unknowns. For every mission-critical and business-critical need, there’s a purpose-designed Nokia network.

Whether the technology involves 4G and 5G private wireless, mission-critical IP/MPLS or fiber access networks, you need solutions for your industry. Nokia mission-critical industrial networks are tailored to each industry we serve, and build upon our deep technology expertise that spans both wired and wireless domains.

Factory automation with private 5G

Bosch, Rhode & Schwarz and Nokia demonstrate 5G stand-alone private network industrial automation in a working factory.

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"Nokia ranked as leader in industrial IoT Networking Solutions"

Guidehouse insights Leaderboard Grid - Industrial IoT Networking Solutions Vendors (2Q 2021)

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Sustainability is key to building back better.

Sustainability is not only an environmental imperative: it’s increasingly a financial one too. Meeting sustainability targets can, not only help companies avoid costly fines from regulators, it also offers big opportunities for growth from new business models, and new deals where customers are seeking out suppliers who also help them meet their sustainability commitments.

Digitalization can provide a path to sustainability. It brings the tools of connectivity, intelligence, data analytics, and automation to our world. Fueled by Industry 4.0 goals of efficiency, productivity and agility, digitalization brings new ways to connect our society and workplaces, it helps companies make the shift toward more sustainable business practices, offers tools to measure impact, and helps to bridge digital divides.

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Acting together to achieve a zero emissions world

“Communications technology, digitalization, and cloud technologies are central to the transition to a zero-emissions economy.”

Dr Ajay Gambhir, Grantham Institute for Climate Change

Innovation: Accelerating new digital frontiers

The COVID-19 crisis highlighted the need for digitalization across industries. Sectors such as e-commerce and finance that had already invested strongly in digital infrastructure weathered the storm far better than the heavy asset, physical industries that hadn’t. So how can physical industries such as manufacturing, utilities and mining as well government public safety and defence divisions and city planners accelerate digitalization to build more productive and inclusive operations and protect against future unknowns? One answer is adopting technologies tied to 5G, known as 5G+. These combine pervasive 5G networks with solutions such as augmented intelligence, edge cloud, private networks and as-a-service business models to deliver next level agility, sustainability and resilience.

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The big inversion

How 5G+ technologies will create new value for industries in a post-COVID world


An active research environment for the next generation of automobiles

Read more about Nokia Bell Labs and Arena 2036


5G Industrial incubation lab

SA announced as location for National 5G Industrial Incubation Lab | Premier of South Australia


Working with NASA: Nokia's LTE/4G system on the moon

Nokia is one giant step closer to landing the first cellular network on the Moon


Alex Thomson Racing

When Alex Thomson Racing is sailing offshore in a highly competitive race under extreme weather conditions, having great connectivity is a game changer

The flying horticulturist

The flying horticulturist

How Nokia Bell Labs AI and drones are helping AeroFarms revolutionize vertical farming

Solutions designed 4.0 you — Nokia expertise for your unique operation

Project speed, integration success and performance outcomes depend on working with sector specialists that know your world and how to accelerate the advantages of digitalization to heart of your specialist operation. Nokia’s sector experts have deep inside experience working on key government, industry and city-based projects. They can help you craft the perfect transformation depending on your sector, competitors, key stakeholder demands and what success looks like to you.

Nokia Digital Automation Cloud

Nokia Digital Automation Cloud

optical lan

Nokia Optical LAN (POL)

MX Industrial Edge

Accelerate digitalization for mission critical OT - MX Industrial Edge

Mission-critical networks: Nokia’s new FP5 silicon

There’s no such thing as Industry 4.0 for all

Every industry, every city or business has it’s own unique challenges, it’s own unique drivers.

Utility networks are looking to become empowered for a more renewable future.

Smart city and government networks need to be inclusive for all citizens.

Mining networks want to be futureproofed for above or below ground operations.

Interview: Mobile World Live - See how purpose-designed networks are helping make industries safer, more agile, more productive.
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High Accuracy Indoor Positioning: Digitalizing assets at the Chennai Factory

Nokia bell labs Future X

X marks the future

Our Future X architecture is the foundation upon which industry will build its next great age. Explore how the Industrial Internet of Things will benefit all key industries.

  • automotive

    Automotive manufacturing

    Accelerate the transformation of your manufacturing and retail operations with 5G

  • Aviation


    From airports to ANSPs to airlines, reach new heights of connectivity and customer satisfaction.

  • kid


    COVID-19 has transformed education. The future of education is connected, and it’s powered by Nokia.

  • Financial services

    Financial services

    Leapfrog existing and crossover competitors, rapid globalization and increased customer expectations with our bankable solutions.

  • city

    Future X cities

    Make your city smarter, safer and more sustainable with intelligent and integrated city platforms.

  • yellow house in winter landscape

    Government broadband plans

    Empower your citizens with a universal, affordable and sustainable ultra-broadband services

  • healthcare


    Provide intelligent, connected healthcare that reduces costs and improves patient outcomes.

  • Manufacturing

    Smart manufacturing

    Transform your operation into an IIoT digitally connected, high-performance, adaptable – 5G smart factory.

  • header image

    Process manufacturing

    A smart manufacturing plant needs a high-performance, industrial-grade network

  • port


    Modernizing container terminal, port and shipping operations – launch your digital journey with Nokia solutions.

  • Mining


    Digitally automate mining operations to go faster, farther and be safer with our end-to-end communications infrastructure solutions.

  • Oil and gas

    Oil and gas

    Deliver real-time connections that lead to safer, more efficient extraction from ever-more-distant fields.

  • Power utilities

    Power utilities

    Evolve your grid with intelligent, intuitive and responsive solutions that power your next business model.

  • Public safety

    Public safety

    Communicate seamlessly, address threats proactively, and make faster, more informed decisions.

  • Railways


    High speed, freight, mass transit, urban rail — the industry’s most complete set of communications solutions moves it all.

  • Renewable energy

    Renewable energy

    Empower wind and solar construction and operations with private LTE/5G communication networks.

  • Retail


    Customers expect a connected, continuous, convenient, consistent and customized omnichannel experience — and we can help you deliver it.

  • Supply chain logistics

    Supply chain and logistics

    Realize intelligent, automated, digitalized, operations with Supply Chain 4.0 solutions delivering end-to-end visibility.

  • image

    Stadiums, arenas and entertainment venues

    Offer exceptional experiences for your guests and partners with high-performance solutions, from 5G video streaming to augmented reality.

  • Water utilities

    Water utilities

    Create flexible and resilient smart water systems supported by critical communications networks, helping you automate and optimize operations and empower IIoT.

Ecosystems of excellence

Digitalized industries and thriving, inclusive societies aren’t built in silos. Great outcomes come from working with a broad ecosystem of experienced partners who can together plan and build extraordinary technology solutions that are value and results-driven for your unique business. As a recognized leader in IIoT and networking for Industry 4.0, Nokia is privileged to collaborate with

  • Service providers helping to forge connections, offering deep networking expertise and bridging spectrum divides.
  • Cloud system integrators and consultants streamlining architecture and deployment within your existing environment.
  • Industrial ecosystem partners with solutions at the cutting edge of Industry 4.0 and experience in implementing 5G so offering practical key learnings

Visionary. Ethical.

Assuring incredible quality every time. Our partnerships run deep, from working with Komatsu to deliver a flexible connectivity platform fit for testing and developing their Autonomous Haulage System solutions, to working with Bosch and Rhode Schwarz to deploy a Nokia a 5G standalone private network to demonstrate factory automation.

“Nokia offers end-to-end solutions unlike any other vendor.”

John Brannon, CEO, Lightspeed Technologies

Powering online learning with Nokia, LightSpeed and Spartan Net

No one can build it alone

A broad ecosystem of experienced partners can help you gain the best outcomes from your digital transformation.

We are proud to be a part of key industry associations like 5G ACIA, IC4F, O-RAN and more, and collaborate on Industry 4.0 innovations with leaders like EY, DXC, IBM, Microsoft, Rohde & Schwarz, Bosch, Toyota, Verizon, AT&T, Vodafone, Konecranes, Sandvik, Komatsu, OSIsoft, MIR, Omron and more.

At Nokia, as a recognized leader in IIoT and networking for Industry 4.0, we are privileged to be working so closely with service providers, system integrators, strategic consultants and leading industrial partners to bring purpose- designed solutions to our customers.

Thousands of customers across sectors such as transport, manufacturing, utilities and the public sector trust us to deliver their mission critical networks.

Industry 4.0 The future will be co-created

Are you Ready 4.0 anything?

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