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Industrial Automation Networks

5G Professional Certification
Nokia Bell Labs Industrial Automation

Nokia Bell Labs 5G Certification Program brings the 5G experience to life.

Improving your industry’s automation initiatives:

  • Faster speeds, lower latency and edge computing for more efficient automation
  • Exponential growth in industrial automation
  • Reduced downtime through predictive maintenance and safety

The 5G Industrial Automation Networks course is part of the Professional Level of the Nokia Bell Labs 5G Certification Program. This course will delve into the relevance of safety, productivity and efficiency, the three underlying business drivers of Industrial Automation. With this as the central driver, the course will examine how essential 5G access, network and digital technologies enable Industrial Automation. In addition, the course will introduce and work through real case studies and industrial automation deployments to reinforce your understanding of how 5G enables industry’s key business imperatives.

Industrial Automation Networks course preview (55 sec)

Course Structure

Unit 1: The Business Imperatives

Unit 2: 5G Enablers for Industrial Automation

Unit 3: Planning for Industrial Automation

Unit 4: Applying Industrial Automation

Unit 5: Moving forward with Industrial Automation

Learning Content

A roadmap to actualized 5G, bridging theory to real-world application.

A comprehensive exploration of the range of safety, productivity and efficiency requirements driving 5G’s role in Industrial Automation.

A broad framework to guide important business and technological 5G decisions for Industrial Automation.

An exploration of 5G access, network and digital enablers of Industrial Automation.

An articulated array of industries' business needs leveraged by 5G to collect data, build knowledge, and drive action.

A detailed review of a recommended implementation approach for 5G enabled Industrial Automation.

Certification requirements

Exam requirements and the recommended course for acquiring the 5G Professional – Industrial Automation certification are provided below. Candidates are not required to enroll in the recommended course to achieve Professional level certification however passing the mandatory written exam is required.

Recommended course for 5G Professional - Industrial Automation Networks certification

Course name
Nokia Bell Labs Industrial Automation Networks




Exam for 5G Professional – Industrial Automation Networks certification

Exam name
Nokia Bell Labs Industrial Automation Networks