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5G Professional - 5G Secured Networks

The 5G Secured Networks course is part of the Professional Level of the Nokia Bell Labs 5G Certification Program. In this course we will examine the role of security in 5G systems, and look at different security threats and how to protect against them especially in light of network security in the 5G world. Additionally, we will look at specific case studies to further our knowledge of security.

5G Secured Networks preview

Course Structure

Unit 1: Introduction

Unit 2: Security Overview and 5G Security Landscape

Unit 3: 5G Security Case Study

Unit 4: 5G Security Features

Unit 5: 5G System Security

Unit 6: 5G Risk Management Applied to Case Studies

Unit 7: 5G Security Orchestration and Analysis

Unit 8: Closing

Learning Content

Understand foundational security concepts and requirements, including the principles of a security solution.

Articulate the role of security in a 5G system, and the challenges for network security in the 5G world.

Picture the 5G Security landscape, from threats actors to standardization bodies.

Explore standards and practices supporting layered security in 5G networks, including Security Assurance.

Apply our understanding of security threats, protections and potential responses through a series of real-world case study exercises.

Consider how Security Orchestration Automation and Response provides a dynamic security approach for the move to 5G.

Certification requirements

Exam requirements and the recommended course for acquiring the 5G Professional – Secured Networks certification are provided below. Candidates are not required to enroll in the recommended course to achieve their Professional level certification however passing the mandatory written exam is required.

Recommended course for 5G Professional – 5G Secured Networks certification

Course name
Nokia Bell Labs 5G
Secured Networks




Exam for 5G Professional – 5G Secured Networks certification

Exam name
Nokia Bell Labs 5G
Secured Networks Exam