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5G Professional Certification
Nokia Bell Labs 5G Network Slicing

Nokia Bell Labs 5G Certification Program brings the 5G experience to life.

Building and operating more secure networks:

  • An answer for the growing needs towards the services offered by network operators.
  • Greater understanding of how operators can tailor services to their specific customers' needs.
  • Realization of how new dedicated services can be created quickly.

This 5G Network Slicing course is part of the Professional level in the Nokia Bell Labs 5G certification program. This course will examine the role of network slicing in 5G deployments, its business benefits to both operators and enterprises, how slicing works across the core, radio and transport domains, and how end-to-end orchestration and automation works seamlessly across these domains to provide slicing services.

Additionally, the course will look at specific case studies through which we will apply our knowledge of network slicing.

Introducing 5G Network Slicing course video

Course Structure

Unit 1: Introduction

Unit 2: Principles and Business Drivers

Unit 3: Technical Enablers

Unit 4: Orchestration, Automation, and Security

Unit 5: Use Cases

Unit 6: Wrap Up

Learning Content

Understand foundational network slicing concepts and their role in 5G deployments​.

Articulate the business imperatives of a network slicing solution​.

Explore the network slicing landscape, from industry needs to standardization bodies.​

Examine the network slicing lifecycle process across the core, radio and transport domains​.

Illustrate how end-to-end orchestration stitch slices to provide end-to-end services and how automation helps to rapidly scale network slicing deployments.

Apply network slicing learnings through a series of real-world case study exercises.

Certification requirements

Exam requirements and the recommended course for acquiring the 5G Professional – Network Slicing certification are provided below. Candidates are not required to enroll in the recommended course to achieve their Professional level certification however passing the mandatory written exam is required.

5G Network Slicing Emblem

Recommended course for 5G Professional – 5G Network Slicing certification

Course name
Nokia Bell Labs 5G
Network Slicing




Exam for 5G Professional – 5G Network Slicing certification

Exam name
Nokia Bell Labs 5G
Network Slicing Exam