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The Turnaround King

Find out how Boundary Breaker, Rodrigo Abreu, is taking Oi from being financially challenged to connecting every home in Brazil. Read the full story now.

7 ways the telco industry had changed

7 ways the pandemic transformed the telecoms industry

Discover the key ways the pandemic changed the telecoms industry forever.

The business case for climate change action

The business case for climate action

Hear how Jean Benoît Besset, VP for IT and Strategy at Orange France, sees addressing climate change as an opportunity, not a burden.


Industry pathways to net zero

Find out how digital connectivity and technologies can provide low carbon solutions to help industries decarbonize.

 blue ice

Siloed data presents a crisis of trust in the telco industry

Discover why customers are losing trust in the telco industry and how it can be regained.

Explore the hottest topics

In Data We Trust

In data we trust

Hear Reed Peterson of DataStax discuss how CSPs can use data to build customer trust and maximize value.

mastering the unpredictable

For CSPs, unpredictability is the new normal in IP network evolution

Find out how CSPs can plan for a world where network patterns seem impossible to predict.

smart agriculture

Smart agriculture - The fight to feed 10 billion

How smart agriculture via public or private LTE, 5G networks, artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics make agriculture more efficient and sustainable.

CSPs must be sustainable by design

CSPs must be sustainable by design

Find out out how CSPs can reduce network power consumption and carbon emissions in the radio access network (RAN), backhaul network, network management and data center.


5G Monetization strategies for CSPs

Explore the 5G pricing models and strategies necessary to recoup 5G investments.

Elisa's game changing network transformation

Elisa's game changing network transformation

See how Sami Komulainen flipped his thinking and realized a vast network transformation at Elisa.

know now report

Know, now report

Discover the six top trends and technologies that CSPs need to know now.

reinvent new business models

Reinvent value by embracing new business models

Learn how the-as-a-service revolution puts customers and services at the center of CSPs' new business model.

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Most read

NaaS hero article thumbnail

NaaS is now. Can CSPs mobilize to ‘get it’?

Understand how CSPs can deliver on the promise of NaaS for enterprise customers.

Power Station Control Room

The biggest cyber threat? Clinging to the past.

Find out how merging OT and IT systems can be done in a way that actually shrinks the threat surface.

Could digital ID

Could digital ID create greater global equality?

Learn how digital ID could unlock a more sustainable and inclusive digital world.

smart glasses

Reality check: will XR break your 5G capacity scaling strategy?

Find out why the growing demand for extended reality (XR) means CSPs must rethink how to match capacity.

Autonomous systems

Autonomous systems: Their place in our future

Find out how autonomous systems can deliver social-economic benefits, enable industry 4.0, and promote human wellbeing.

post pandemic

Pandemic is forcing extreme industrial innovation

Discover how Covid-19 is accelerating the merger of our physical and digital worlds.

The race to 5g and enterprise readiness

The race to 5G and enterprise readiness

Discover what needs to happen for the promise of 5G to become reality.

zero emissions

Acting together to achieve a zero emissions world

Learn how together we can improve energy efficiency and control emissions.

New from Bell Labs Institute

If you build it, they will cloud

If you build it, they will cloud

Nokia Bell Labs researcher David Nielson discusses optical transmission innovation and how the cloud will achieve or surpass science fiction’s most elaborate scenarios.

White paper
placeholder image

The big inversion - New value for industries

Learn how 5G and related technologies will drive digitalization and create a new growth paradigm for industries in the post-COVID era.

White paper
low latency 5g

Low latency 5G for pro audio recording

Nokia and Sennheiser research teams explore the option of using 5G for the transmission of audio in professional music recording.

6g radios

Future 6G radios will learn from one another

Nokia Bell Labs researchers answer the question “what if we could engineer radios with the ability to adapt their signaling schemes and protocols”?

Futurithmic podcast series

The Futurithmic Podcast by Nokia talks to the most influential people of our time to get real insights into emerging trends in technology, business and society.

Futurithmic podcast series


Episode 59

The business case for
climate action



Episode 58

In data we trust



Episode 57

Network Automation Makes
for a Smooth Operator


Futurithmic documentary series

Futurithmic is a Nokia original documentary series with Michael Hainsworth. It introduces us to innovators and disruptors whose work is shaping our future. Michael gets inside their heads and explores the intersection of humanity and technology – and what it means for our work and lives.

Episode 1

How science fiction informs the future

Episode 2

The future of shopping in the age of AI

Episode 3

Fighting cyberbullying in esports is no one-woman job

Foundations for critical networks

Deliver Extraordinary 5G

Powerful 5G networks, simplified 5G operations and amazing 5G experiences.

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Open RAN

CSPs, vendors and governments are working together to define the role of open standards. RAN sits at the heart of this discussion.

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Networks keep us going

The critical networks that meet our world's ever growing demand – and the people who build and operate them.

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Automated network slicing

Operators can create multiple virtual networks, or network 'slices', which can be used for specific applications with specific requirements.

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Accelerate 5G with Fixed Networks

Bring ultra-broadband faster and at the right cost.

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5G Core

Help your customer innovate, optimize, and pivot to new opportunities by deploying a converged cloud-native 5G Core

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Digital Operations Center

Learn how to design, deploy and operate 5G network slices at scale across multi-vendor, multi-domain and multi-technology environments

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Telecom business strategies

New research from Nokia and Oliver Wyman sheds light on how the world’s service providers are dealing with disruption and defining their futures.

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Trends and research

Catch up on our latest research and reports focused on the trends and issues important to the industry

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