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Nokia IP networking solutions help service providers and webscale operators prepare for the future by building much bigger, safer and more adaptive networks. An insight-driven automated model for high performance routing ensures that networks are more dynamic and run hotter, more securely and more efficiently. The new operational model leverages massive data from the network, and rapidly translates it into insights that can be automatically programmed at a granular level to improve network behaviors and performance. With our breakthrough FP4 silicon innovations, software and systems, you can modernize your IP network and seize new opportunities presented by the cloud, ultra-broadband and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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FP4: Delivering performance and capability without compromise

Be ready for the unexpected with FP4, the newest generation of our IP routing silicon.

The FP4 is the first network processor to provide:

  • 2.4 Tb/s of processing power
  • High-scale enhanced packet intelligence and control technology
  • 1 Tb/s clear channel support
  • Intelligent memory design – A Nokia invention

7750 SR-s: Taking router performance to new heights

Stay ahead of new service demands with routers that blend high capacity with extensive capabilities and the peace of mind that comes with system longevity. Our FP4-powered 7750 SR-s series routers take density and performance to new heights. These full-featured routers support a 144 Tb/s configuration and are designed to scale up to 288 Tb/s. They are optimized for 100GE and 400GE at scale and support terabit links. They combine the best of data center networking with proven design concepts to meet the requirements of webscale and service provider networks.

7950 XRS-XC: Paving the path to petabit routing

Prepare for the petabit future with the world’s most powerful and extensible core routing platform. Our 7950 XRS can use the FP4 network processor to deliver 6X more capacity without compromising service capabilities.

The new 7950 XRS-XC is a petabit-class router that combines massive scale with formidable capability, while collecting and leveraging network insights to optimize IP traffic flows and enhance security.

Investment protection with up to 6x capacity enhancement

With FP4, existing 7750 SR systems double in capacity, the
7750 SR-12e triples in capacity and the 7950 XRS systems get a six-fold boost. This ensures continued expansion and investment protection for our IP routing platforms, which are deployed globally in over 700 service provider networks as well as many mission-critical network infrastructures. Our systems are designed with extensibility in mind, to ensure maximum longevity and return on investment.

Every day the networks we build enable our customers and communities to come together and share — from the simplest task of booking dinner for family and friends online to seeing the first picture of your newly born granddaughter. The network has changed our world in ways we never imagined. At BT, being the best network that’s there for you when you need it is at the core of our purpose. With demand continuing to rocket, together with more cloud-based applications, innovations like Nokia’s new FP4 silicon and routing platforms allow us to maintain our commitment to our customers by balancing capacity, intelligence, visibility and security, so we can transform to an insight-driven, automated networking approach for building and operating our networks. And because these innovations also work with existing platforms, we can gracefully evolve our existing networks to complement new builds to prepare for the next wave of ultrafast broadband, 5G, IoT and machine communications.

Neil McRae
Neil McRae / Managing Director and Chief Architect, BT

Webscale operators are building bigger networks to connect resources across the globe and bring data centers closer to users for the highest performance. Nokia has managed to combine the raw horsepower required to run historic amounts of traffic between data centers with intelligent, secure and adaptable capabilities necessary for a cloud-connected environment. The company has seemingly struck the right balance with silicon and systems innovations that address investment protection and now has the fastest router on the market.

Ray Mota
Ray Mota / CEO & Principal Analyst, ACG

As the world’s leading Internet Exchange operator, DE-CIX values Nokia’s multi-terabit FP4 silicon innovation that drives best in class capacity, density and efficiency in 7950 XRS routing platforms. DE-CIX continues its partnership with Nokia to deploy the world’s biggest and most capable routers at the heart of our exchange. We look forward to being among the very first to deploy the new systems later this year.

Daniel Melzer
Daniel Melzer / CTO, DE-CIX

Leading network operators everywhere are adopting big data analytics and software-driven automation to evolve to a modern way of building and operating IP networks—no question! Operators are looking for a very high-performance network that provides not just the requisite jacked-up power and capacity, but also they need intelligence and extensibility to meet their goals of automation and service agility. Operators will want to examine the new Nokia FP4 silicon and the systems that use it, as it delivers against this triplet of critical network capabilities – in order to support their offered services in this cloud age with IoT, 5G, and machine communications, where networks must become bigger, more adaptable and more secure than any we’ve seen to date.

Michael Howard
Michael Howard / Senior Research Director, Carrier Networks, IHS Markit

Nokia is setting the pace with their FP4 network processor. When it comes to the highest levels of integration and use of cutting edge silicon technologies, including 16nm finFET Plus process technology, Broadcom’s industry-leading embedded SerDes, and advanced packaging, Nokia is charting a course that others will have to follow.

Frank Ostojic
Frank Ostojic / Senior Vice President and General Manager, ASIC Products Division, Broadcom

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