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Cloud Managed SD-WAN Service

Deploy SD-WAN services faster while lowering cost and risk

Accelerate your customers digital transformation with a fully managed wide area network service that securely connects enterprise branches to the cloud

Nokia Cloud Managed SD-WAN Service lowers the investment barriers and business risks for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and System Integrators (SIs) who want to enter the managed SD-WAN services market.  Built on the industry proven SD-WAN 2.0 solution powered by Nuage Networks from Nokia, CSP/SI can deliver self-branded managed network services direct to their enterprise customers.  

Offered as a service, this cloud-based, multi-tenant SD-WAN platform has all infrastructure components fully maintained by Nokia in secure cloud hosting centers. This removes the burden of platform management, hosting and operations from the CSP/SI, leaving them to focus on relationships and service management for their key enterprise customers. 

The benefits of Cloud Managed SD-WAN

Nokia Cloud Managed SD-WAN Service gives the CSP/SI:

Prebuilt and configured

Cloud-based network service infrastructure that:

  • Dramatically reduces service startup costs
  • Accelerates time to revenue
  • Reduces total cost of ownership
  • Delivers a pay-as-you grow commercial model

Operationalized and maintained

As-a-Service infrastructure that reduces:

  • Operational infrastructure support
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Operational risk

SD-WAN 2.0 technology

Industry-leading SD-WAN 2.0 technology from Nuage Networks delivers:

  • Differentiated service use cases and technology
  • Intuitive SD-WAN customer portal with multiple tiers of customized control and visibility
  • Purpose built technology for managed SD-WAN with a leading market share in the service provider managed SD-WAN segment
  • Integrated cloud connections with Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) capabilities to the world’s leading cloud providers and SaaS vendors
  • CSP/SI only or CSP/SI and enterprise co-managed service options via web-based portal

Go-to-market process

With the Nokia Cloud Managed SD-WAN Service, the CSP/SI can build a self-branded SD-WAN network service for their enterprise customers who require secure cloud native wide area networking.  Since all of the service platform functions are provided by Nokia, the CSP/SI go-to-market process is simplified to: 


Target enterprises with your self-branded SD-WAN (overlay) network service.


Procure IP transport (underlay) services for the enterprise branch locations from your own network assets or via connectivity partners. These can include a mix of fixed or mobile broadband IP services.


Design customer specific value-added IT services directly into the enterprises SD-WAN service instance with public cloud connections, Software as a Service connections and either inbuilt or third-party security services depending on the customer need or vendor preference.


Working alongside the Nokia Cloud Managed SD-WAN service team, create the overall customer SD-WAN service instance and put it into operation.


Day to day service management options for CSP/SI to manage each customer service instance or share management (co-manage) with enterprises that want shared control over their wide area network. 

Comprehensive solution that simplifies the deployment of managed SD-WAN and SASE for enterprises.

The Nokia Cloud Managed SD-WAN Service is hosted on a rigorously engineered, highly available cloud infrastructure. This comprehensive hosting infrastructure is built across multiple regions to serve different parts of the world. Each region is designed to be geo-diverse across multiple cloud availability zones, ensuring the highest levels of service resiliency.  

The key “cloud-based” components managed by the Nokia service team are the Virtualized Services Directory (VSD), the Virtualized Services Controllers (VSC), and the enterprise facing SD-WAN portal.  

5 sites

The key functions they deliver are:

Policy engine

VSD represents the multi-tenant policy engine that provides visibility and control across each enterprise SD-WAN service. It supports service definition capabilities with intuitive templates and provides a granular applications analytics engine with detailed reporting.

SDN controller

VSC is the multi-tenant software defined networking (SDN) controller built on the industry-leading Nokia SR-OS routing stack. It maintains all routing information and communicates with the customer branch appliances, the Network Service Gateways (NSGs), to establish SD-WAN overlay paths between enterprise locations.

Management platform

The SD-WAN portal is the multi-tenant management platform that provides comprehensive network and application visualization, and template-driven policy control of each SD-WAN service instance.  

All service configuration is securely driven through the portal and with its scope of command visibility and control of the WAN can be assigned to the CSP/SIs own NOC team, and/or to enterprises wanting a co-manage option for their SD-WAN service.

Beyond Connectivity

Across all industries, enterprises are adopting technology strategies to achieve the business benefits of their digital transformation investments.

Building on the initial network transition and the move from MPLS to SD-WAN, has been the integration of a comprehensive security framework that provides end-to-end policy enforcement at every point of the wide area network. Coined by industry analyst Gartner, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) complements SD-WAN by adding a ‘Secure it’ framework to the ‘Connect it’ foundation of SD-WAN.  

When deployed together, these two technologies form the unified network foundation and security framework for enterprises so they can reap the benefit of their IT move to public cloud(s) and their SaaS investments.  

Nokia Cloud Managed SD-WAN Service is at the forefront of the SD-WAN/SASE service evolution and offers SASE-Points of Presence (SASE-PoP) as an optional feature of the service.  

With SASE-PoP the CSP/SI can offer their enterprise customers a natural extension from the SD-WAN service directly into the world’s leading public cloud providers, SaaS and SASE vendors including integration with the Check Point Harmony unified security suite.

These SASE-PoPs are operated by Nokia on dedicated SASE-gateway service hardware and allow the seamless extension of the customer WAN to the cloud and SaaS at regional ‘meet-me’ points. With many of the leading providers already validated to connect to the Nokia Cloud Managed SD-WAN service the CSP/SI can easily extend their SD-WAN service offering to include managed cloud, SaaS connections and security services via their managed SD-WAN service. 

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