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Deepfield Cloud Intelligence

Use big data analytics to understand your network traffic


Deepfield Cloud Intelligence gives you cost-effective, real-time and actionable insight into all your network flows. You can use this information to optimize your network infrastructure and resources.  

This information can also help you improve and manage your technical and business relationships with your content and peering/transit partners and over-the-top (OTT) providers – companies that deliver internet-based cloud and application services.  

Improve network traffic visibility

Deepfield Cloud Intelligence provides 70 percent more network traffic visibility than solutions based on costly and difficult-to-manage network probes (appliances) because it can provide insight into encrypted traffic flows.  

Understand the data flows in your network

Deepfield Cloud Intelligence leverages dozens of ingested data sources, as well as the Deepfield Cloud Genome® data set, which maps all content delivery networks (CDNs) from across the global internet. It correlates all these data sets and uses advanced analytical models to give you deep, multidimensional insight about your network.

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