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Deepfield Subscriber Intelligence

Understand how services and content are delivered to your subscribers

Deepfield Subscriber Intelligence delivers multidimensional insight that lets you track the way content and application flows are delivered to your customers. You can use it to extend the insight provided by Deepfield Cloud Intelligence.

Expand data dimensions to cover end systems and end users

Deepfield Subscriber Intelligence creates new data dimensions by adding and correlating information from AAA, RADIUS or CSV files, including subscriber profiles, rate plans, access types and end system types (e.g., DSLAM or CMTS).

Understand consumption patterns

Deepfield Subscriber Intelligence also gives you insight into the consumption patterns of certain service classes or categories. This information can be valuable to your network and service planners, customer care and marketing planning teams.

Improve the customer experience

You can address your concerns about customer experience by using Deepfield Subscriber Intelligence to:

  • Optimize existing service plans
  • Create and customize new plans
  • Compare the performance of content delivery networks (CDNs) from the internet and from your own edge computing and data center domains

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