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Video broadcast optimizer

Provide a superior quality of experience to your IPTV customers


The introduction of High Definition and Ultra High Definition TV and multiple simultaneous video streams per home raise new challenges for IPTV and OTT service providers and cable operators. End users may suffer a degraded quality of experience if no specific action is taken. 

Visual distortions may occur frequently and the time to switch channels may increase to an unacceptable four to five seconds. In addition to the risk of losing customers, these problems increase the number of calls to customer support centers and the associated costs. The Video Broadcast Optimizer minimizes the time to switch channels and prevents visual distortions, providing a superior quality of experience for end users. This product suite operates with a wide range of the IPTV and OTT middleware platforms available in the market.

The Nokia VBO, along with the Nokia 7750 SR and innovative video technologies from Nokia Bell Labs comprise our CDN for Live solution. A groundbreaking advancement in transforming and enhancing the linear live broadcast TV experience, this innovative solution is uniquely designed to cater to both OTT and IPTV subscribers simultaneously, marking a significant evolution in the streaming of live entertainment.

"Best in Broadcast Distribution" category at the SportsPro OTT Awards 2023

We are proud to have won the award with our CDN for Live solution, an innovative live broadcast TV streaming solution. It features the Nokia VBO, Nokia 7750 SR and incorporates innovative technologies from Nokia Bell Labs

Benefits and features


  • Cost-effective live video streaming distribution to subscribers on a large scale
  • Zero live latency compared with digital live broadcast TV
  • Ultra-fast channel delivery and change (approximately 90 ms to <500 ms)
  • Ultra-reliable RTP streaming, to five-nines or above
  • Live IP video streaming over any access
  • Simultaneous support for multicast and routed unicast streaming
  • Video repair over transit network with PerfectStream


  • Optimizing MPEG transport streams for IP streaming, our system supports both multicast (IPTV) and routed unicast (OTT) for versatile content delivery
  • Ultra-reliable IP streaming includes the capability to retransmit lost packets, supporting both routed unicast and multicast transmissions
  • Ultra-fast channel delivery and seamless changes for an uninterrupted viewing experience
  • Middleware-agnostic design ensures compatibility with diverse middleware solutions
  • Open, vendor-supported integration toolkit for flexible and streamlined device integration
  • Robust monitoring and reporting for comprehensive operation statistics
  • Interoperability with DVB/ETSI SimulCrypt standards allows seamless integration with Conditional Access key servers for enhanced content security


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