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Virtualized network services

Take control of your SD-WAN solution with 100% platform ownership

Nuage Networks™ from Nokia, helps service providers, web-scale operators and enterprises unleash the power of the cloud by extending it to the branch. Our Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) solution gives you the freedom and flexibility to:

  • Connect sites, workgroups and applications faster, more securely and more cost-effectively
  • React to change easily
  • Respond to growth seamlessly

Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services (VNS) extends the power of SDN to create a seamless WAN that connects your datacenters to your business, regardless of location. You can build your own infrastructure, or purchase VNS as part of a managed service offered by service providers.

Traditionally, the network services you purchase from a service provider are tightly connected to a dedicated network infrastructure. You are often forced into the complex world of customized branch networking to adapt these services to your needs. Even then, the solutions available aren’t optimized for the cloud – where everything happens in seconds. Nuage Networks VNS is a fresh approach to wide area networking. It seamlessly links your enterprise locations regardless of size or geography while reducing the requirement for customized networking.

Nuage Networks VNS is based on an overlay model that uses any IP network to provide connectivity between sites. This gives you maximum flexibility and the support of multiple access/last-mile technologies including copper, fiber or mobile broadband. You can mix and match available networks from multiple providers and use any available access technologies.

Cost savings and IT automation

With Nuage Networks VNS, you can reduce costs and increase efficiency. You can build a network that is both customized and responsive to your enterprise’s unique needs, without incurring the costs and complexities of a customized network.

You have complete control of your enterprise’s service without the overhead of a large and highly skilled network team. Through the self-serve portal you can make changes to the overall service, any location-specific changes, and add or remove sites.

No vendor lock-in

The software images for Nuage Networks VNS are developed to run on the widest range of x86-based hardware platforms to drive maximum utilization of available compute and memory resources. The service capability is independent of the brand and model of your deployed customer premises equipment. With the choice of x86 form-factor and manufacturer open to a competitive procurement model, you have complete flexibility in the supply chain.

SD-WAN Portal: Intro and Overview

Benefits and features

Nuage Networks VNS provides a comprehensive networking service that removes the limitations that exist with traditional VPN service offerings, including:

Limited service functionality and inflexibility of standard VPN offerings

Geographic reach limitations of a single-carrier VPN service

Inability to adapt to the dynamic business environment and respond quickly to simple move, add and change requests

Need to augment the VPN service with additional hardware (firewalls and routers) and associated professional services

With a Nuage Networks VNS-based wide area network, the conversations within your business changes from, “We need to reconfigure the network, I’ll start a new project up” to “Sure we can do that, I’ll make the change right now.” Nuage Networks VNS is wide area networking on your terms. With Nuage Networks’ VNS:

You can choose the best-fit connection to each of your locations from all the service providers in the market

Moves, adds and changes are under your complete control and are centrally driven on a per-site or whole-of-network basis

Moves, adds and changes are under your complete control and are centrally driven on a per-site or whole-of-network basis

Service manageability improves and the complexity around auditing and compliance for industry bodies and regulators decreases

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