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AirScale indoor Radio

Simplify indoor coverage and capacity

As much as 80 percent of all mobile traffic originates indoors, which makes indoor coverage a key factor in achieving subscriber satisfaction. Nokia AirScale indoor Radio (ASiR) is an advanced indoor small cell solution that provides seamless mobility and enhanced user experience in both public indoor and enterprise environments.

ASiR is small and discreet, making it quick and easy to deploy. Leveraging the Nokia AirScale baseband, it also enjoys macro parity.

ASiR scales in line with traffic growth, optimizing the cost of ownership.

ASiR also supports neutral hosting and multi-operator deployments, enabling the use of a shared infrastructure for delivering mobile connectivity and services indoors.

AirScale indoor Radio portfolio

The ASiR portfolio includes a wide range of compact and easy-to-deploy Shikra pico radios with support for a wide range of frequency bands. The portfolio also includes multi-band Shikra pico radios that support multiple radio access technologies, including 4G and 5G, in a single radio unit.

The compact, high-performance products in the ASiR portfolio provide an optimum solution for numerous indoor use-cases, such as office buildings, conference centers, hotels, and hospitals.

AirScale indoor Radio

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