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AirScale indoor Radio

Simplify indoor coverage and capacity

As much as 80% of all mobile traffic originates indoors, which makes indoor coverage a key driver in subscriber satisfaction. Nokia AirScale indoor Radio (ASiR) is an advanced indoor small cell solution that provides seamless mobility and enhanced user experiences in both public indoor and enterprise locations.

Simplifying indoor coverage and capacity

The ASiR solution is small and discreet, making it quick and easy to deploy. As it uses the same Nokia AirScale baseband as the macro network, it enjoys macro parity too. The system enables flexible system configurations, helping keep the cost of ownership low, while providing the flexibility to scale capacity and coverage in-line with demand.

With subscribers’ high expectations of 5G, it is imperative to have a commercially solution at the heart of inbuilding deployments.  Nokia ASiR supports all technologies across a wide range of frequency bands making it the ideal choice for a wide range of deployment needs, from office buildings to conference centers and hospitals.

New AirScale indoor Radio products

Nokia’s AirScale indoor Radio portfolio includes a new pRRH for U.S. C-Band (n77) and a new triple-band pRRH – the first integrated 4G/5G pRRH.

Additionally, the portfolio includes a new Smart HUB, which boosts throughput capacity and a Hybrid Fiber Convertor, which enables the use of hybrid fiber between the new Smart HUB and existing pRRH.

AirScale indoor Radio

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