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AirScale baseband solutions

Efficiency, flexibility and scalability for 5G and beyond

Baseband processing for all mobile radio access technologies and frequency bands.

Stay ahead of traffic growth and enhance energy efficiency

Baseband solutions that deliver top performance, capacity and scalability are essential for mobile network operators to manage traffic growth effectively. Simultaneously, enhancing network energy efficiency is vital to minimize costs and reduce environmental impact.

Nokia baseband solutions, powered by the latest ReefShark System-on-Chip (SoC) technology, provide industry-leading processing power and cell capacity, supporting future-proof network evolution to 5G-Advanced and beyond. Our newest generation of baseband products achieves remarkable energy efficiency, contributing to greener networks.

Furthermore, the modularity and scalability of the AirScale baseband System Module enable deployment flexibility and optimized total cost of ownership.

AirScale outdoor baseband portfolio grows

Ultra-performance baseband with extreme energy efficiency

AirScale System Module – indoor and outdoor

Nokia’s baseband products are inherently flexible, facilitating straightforward network evolution and protecting investments. The in-node modularity of the AirScale System Module is key to lean entry and decouples scalability of the computing power for radio access network layers 1, 2, and 3, along with integrated transport functionality. This flexibility is essential for the rapidly changing traffic requirements of new 5G use cases and deployment scenarios.

The AirScale System Module simplifies 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G deployments, streamlines multi-band sites and powers multi-site baseband hotels. It maximizes the benefits of the latest plug-in cards while ensuring low acoustic noise, enhanced serviceability and innovative cooling. 

Additionally, new AirScale modular outdoor baseband solution offers high capacity in a small form factor, enabling even better scalability and deployment flexibility and ensuring long-term evolution.

AirScale System Module, indoor and outdoor

AirScale Sytem Module

AirScale indoor modular baseband


AirScale outdoor modular baseband

Latest AirScale baseband cards use up to 90% less energy

Nokia AirScale baseband plug-in cards – extreme energy efficiency and performance

The latest AirScale baseband plug-in cards offer industry-leading capabilities. The ultra-performance capacity card doubles the number of supported cells while reducing energy consumption by up to 80 percent, providing exponential scalability and enabling larger site configurations.

The latest control card, supporting baseband control-plane functions and high-speed transport connectivity, doubles the throughput capacity, reduces energy consumption up to 90 percent and enables future-proof 5G evolution. 

These capabilities enable mobile network operators to deliver immersive user experiences and advanced enterprise use cases that demand extremely high capacity and performance. AirScale baseband ensures investment protection by seamlessly integrating existing and new cards. 

Exponential scalability, flexibility and optimized total cost of ownership

Powered by the latest Nokia ReefShark System on Chip

Future-proof network evolution to 5G-Advanced and beyond

Extreme energy efficiency 

AirScale compact outdoor baseband products

The AirScale baseband portfolio includes compact outdoor products for both macro and small cells deployments. The Tuuli 12 is a compact TDD and FDD solution suitable for a wide variety of deployments, while the Tuuli 6 is optimized for small cells. These products offer various installation options, making them ideal for small to medium-capacity sites and enabling easy deployment of additional baseband functionality.   

We have expanded our compact outdoor baseband portfolio with new high-capacity variants: Tuuli 24 and Tuuli 26e. These solutions provide twice as much cell capacity while reducing power consumption. They also significantly enhance uplink throughput, which is essential for new mobile services that depend more on uplink performance. Tuuli 24 supports ultra-capacity 4G and 5G, whereas Tuuli 26e provides a versatile choice for simple site modernization as it supports all radio technology generations including 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G.

Unique Nokia Liquid Cooling solution for baseband hotels

Nokia’s unique liquid-cooled baseband solution is ideal for baseband hotel sites, significantly reducing the baseband cooling system energy consumption by up to 90 percent compared to active air cooling. It also contributes to an 80 percent reduction in baseband carbon emissions by utilizing waste heat for other purposes such as building heating. 

Ultra-performance baseband with extreme energy efficiency

Nokia AirScale compact native outdoor baseband

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