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All-in-One small cells

Compact, easy-to-deploy solutions

With the increasing demand for 5G capacity and coverage and the accelerating adoption of 5G in enterprise environments, cost-effective solutions that are easy to deploy are essential.

Nokia All-in-One small cells are compact, plug and play products enabling rapid and simple network extension for many use cases. For instance densifying an existing outdoor network, a new campus network for enterprise customers or the introduction of 5G capabilities in a multiple system operator (MSO) network.

Our All-in-One small cells allow the cost-efficient deployment of access points, which makes them particularly suitable for enterprise use cases.

All-in-One products, require no separate baseband unit, which enables simple plug-and-play installation and deployment flexibility. Featuring both indoor and outdoor variants, these high-bandwidth, high-capacity products deliver seamless coverage in a wide variety of locations.

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