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Archive Cloud

Automated backup and restore system for telco cloud

The importance of backup and restore

With the exponential growth of network complexity and Big Data, it is even more important to keep business critical information private and secured. In case of unanticipated natural disasters, hacker attacks or full site-or cluster disasters, network operators need to make sure they can recover that data easily with no interruptions to the overall performance. Backup and restore systems provide the last line of defense in such situations.


Remote and automated backup

Nokia Archive Cloud is an agile, innovative, cloud-based backup and restore system for the telco cloud. It provides continuous and real-time monitoring and backup of network elements and OSS products, giving service providers greater visibility into network conditions at any point in time.

With Nokia Archive Cloud, service providers can rest assured knowing their critical data is saved if a disaster occurs. With its automated network backup, it largely eliminates human error and provides a more secure solution than manual alternatives. It also frees up the time spent on manually backing up data or relying on scripts.

In addition, Archive Cloud adapts to network changes automatically and provides a rich set of functionalities that provides in-depth information for upper-level management systems and secures the data flow.


  • Remote and automated backup with high-performance restoration for minimized mean time
  • Increased security by storing backups in a central repository with a highly automated procedure
  • Reduced potential for human errors


  • Multi-vendor capability with open interfaces
  • Release independency between new network element version and backup and bestore system
  • Fast installation and upgrade


  • One backup for the whole infrastructure
  • Network bandwidth and storage savings via extremely efficient data deduplication
  • Up to 80% savings on storage

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