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Intelligent network management for 5G

What is network management?  

Network management is an integral part of mobile networks. It covers configuring, automation and optimization tasks as well as monitoring, analytics and troubleshooting. Network management needs to follow the rhythm of network evolution.

In mobile networks, the volume of data traffic and network complexity are increasing continuously. Many operators are running multi-vendor and multi-technology networks, which brings a further challenge from network management perspective. Network management must be able to tackle both the increasing network complexity and the growing amount of traffic and data.

A network management system consists of tools for handling various network elements in live network and also for the future network expansion. It offers a wide range of common operation and maintenance capabilities for network elements in core, radio and transport networks both for managing physical network elements as well as virtualized network functions.

Why is intelligence necessary in network management?  

With the introduction of 5G, there are more network elements, sites, and cells than ever before. Managing the complexity of 5G in a cost-efficient way requires more than just automation. Machine learning brings the necessary intelligence for managing 5G networks, resulting in operational efficiency.

Managing multi-technology networks is time-consuming. It is not possible to manually handle all network management tasks in a 5G network without impacting subscriber experience. Furthermore, most network outages are caused by human error. Automated routines with machine learning algorithms help eliminate typical human mistakes. They also make introduction of new services faster. When the burden of repetitive network management tasks is moved to the algorithms, the operator’s network engineers can concentrate on more value-adding tasks.

Seamless network management also in 5G

With NetAct, mobile network operators can easily handle the continuous growth of data. Its seamless management capability shows the biggest values when there are many technologies and layers in the networks. Nokia NetAct functionalities are developed to take care of 5G from day 1.

This is also supported by the continuous introduction of premium features, for example zero-touch 5G rollout with Plug-and-Play functionality, mass base station rebuilding for smooth SRAN migration, or mass change verification on network elements.

Worlds first automated 4G/5G slicing in RAN domain

Nokia network management system is slice aware starting from 4G. Slice automation enables operators to streamline operations, thereby reducing operational costs and meeting expectations for service velocity. Nokia NetAct is an integral part of Nokia‘s end-to-end 4G/5G radio slicing solution.

Our flagship network management system is providing both automated Configuration and Performance management for 4G/5G radio slices.

Machine learning in network management

Nokia NetAct leverages big data and combines it with machine learning techniques for various functionalities. Being the central source of network-wide operations, NetAct also provides a great source of input for other machine learning applications in CSP networks.

There are close collaborations ongoing between operators and Nokia on machine learning concepts and use cases, e.g. intelligent correlation of network alarms. These innovations help maximize the value of machine learning in network management.

Benefits and features

Centralized view of multi-technology networks, including 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G

Nokia NetAct delivers best-in-class tools for troubleshooting, administration, software management, configuration management and 4G/5G slice management

Comprehensive toolset with high levels of automation and machine learning techniques

Ready-made, tailorable workflows, REST based APIs and command-line interfaces coupled with machine learning techniques enabling automation for efficient roll-out and rapid troubleshooting

Release independence and continuous software delivery with NetAct fast pass

NetAct fast pass is an innovative solution from Nokia, proven to be the powerful rescue to create NMS-NE release independence 

Deployment flexibility allowing both software-only and bare metal deployment

The virtualized platform of NetAct runs on bare metal and multiple virtual environments, including OpenStack, VMWare and CloudBand Infrastructure Software

Easy integration in existing OSS environments, providing a set of open interfaces

A set of open interfaces based on industry standards and toolkits to ensure easy integration with 3rd party network elements, element management systems and other upper level management systems

Carrier-grade availability, security and robustness

Superior security mechanisms including complete self-monitoring, multi-VLAN support and network segregation with inbuilt firewall, robust handling of unexpected outage situations, advanced forensics and auditing of user actions

Nokia netact
“"Offering the best possible experience to our customers is a top priority at Telefónica UK. For many years, Nokia’s expertise and support have been instrumental in our end-to-end network operations. This includes the company’s network management system, Nokia NetAct, which gives us a consolidated view of our multi-domain, multi-technology network, and offers advanced tools for network element configuration and troubleshooting. In addition to the Nokia team’s excellent support and agile collaboration, NetAct fast pass ensures continuous software delivery and on-time operability alignment. This helps us reduce the time-to-market as well as maintain network quality and deliver the best network experience for our customers.””
Mick Joseph
OSS Design and Development Manager, Telefónica UK

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