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Network Operations Master

Tame the complexity of 5G

Digital transformation and complexity

5G adds new layers of technical complexity to the network and the number of physical and virtual network elements is growing. The pressure on network operations teams to deliver on the promised service agility, especially around network slicing, is growing.

Communication service providers (CSPs) need a simple and flexible network management solution that helps them meet customer expectations and demands. Nokia Network Operations Master is a new software based on cloud-native architecture for managing 4G and 5G radio and core network domains.

5G networks will require significantly more operations automation than past networks in order to achieve promised levels of efficiency and new service support. Nokia’s Network Operations Master is a cloud-native network management system that is underpinned by machine learning and automated actions and provides the types of tools mobile network operations teams need now for 5G.
Dana Cooperson
Research Director at Analysys Mason
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Introducing Network Operations Master from Nokia

Programmability and SW-driven network management

Programmable networks can facilitate the required speed and flexibility thanks to their software-centric automation approach. Programmability doesn’t just automate series of individual tasks but based on a defined goal it allows the software to find a suitable path to execute complex tasks and make configuration changes.

Programmability is at the heart of Nokia Network Operations Master. It allows communication service providers to simplify and automate operational workflows and improve their operational efficiency. Further, only the most complex or unknown issues are escalated for human trouble-shooting, reducing workloads and allowing operation centers to concentrate on the most critical network events.

Network Operations Master

Network Operations Master

Tame the complexity of 5G with Network Operations Master

Continuous software delivery

Network Operations Master is based on microservices that can be upgraded and scaled up independently. This ensures upgrades cause near zero downtime and gives the whole solution great resilience. 

Network Operations Master is built on Nokia’s cloud-native Common Software Foundation (CSF) designed to deliver applications that are hardware- and vendor-agnostic, and easy to deploy, integrate, use and upgrade. 

Nokia experts in dialogue: Evolving priorities in network management

Features & benefits


Automation and programmability

  • Customizable operational processes 
  • Library of programmable interfaces
  • Reduced number of human errors
  • Improved operational efficiency

Fast time-to-market

  • Automated feature delivery
  • DevOps
  • Fast integration and service creation
  • Test automation

Agility and scalability

  • Cloud-native architecture
  • Built-in resiliency
  • Independently scalable microservices
  • Open source components
  • Near zero downtime software upgrade

Intelligent alarm correlation

With thousands of network alarms every day and no easy way to identify root causes or determine which required immediate attention and which could be ignored, Vodafone Germany needs some kind of automated support for its engineers.

This case study looks at how Nokia helps Vodafone Germany streamline its fault monitoring and resolution systems with intelligent alarm correlation.

Case study
Intelligent alarm correlation with NetAct and Network Operations Master

Intelligent alarm correlation with Network Operations Master

Speed, flexibility and growth delivered for your radio access network

The increasing network complexity calls for a new way of operations that not only meets the growing demand for faster speed of reaction to customer needs, but also does it cost effectively. Reliable and seamless network operation is essential and can only be realistically achieved by intelligent, interconnected management of the network domains. In this paper, we describe the new approach to radio access management.

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