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Webscale companies depend on Nokia

Webscale networks for the cloud era

Digital infrastructure providers, cloud providers, global interconnection providers and online gaming and content companies all depend on Nokia to scale, automate and secure their IP/optical, data center switching and edge cloud networks.

Read on to see how Nokia is helping webscale companies to manage exponential growth demands with smarter, safer, automated webscale networks. Deliver scalable edge cloud networking, enable high-capacity data center interconnect, support IP peering and interconnection, and implement open, automated data center switching with Nokia webscale solutions.

Networking at Webscale

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Open, automated data center switching

Manage the rapid growth of distributed cloud applications by scaling and automating your data center networks with full visibility, control and speed. Our open, extensible and resilient Linux-based NOS gives you the scale you need, supported by advanced NetOps tools and custom applications.  

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High capacity optical DCI  

Maximize fiber capacity over any distance – from metro to subsea – to interconnect your data centers. You can improve performance up to 25 percent and increase capacity up to 65 percent by upgrading from 100G to 400G and beyond, transforming fiber efficiency with the Nokia super coherent Photonic Service Engine (PSE).

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Routing and peering

Scale your IP network massively, securely and reliably with our FP-4 powered routers to enable high performance interconnection and peering. You can also optimize edge routing for cloud infrastructure and data center interconnection to enable your customers to deliver 5G, IoT, AI and Industry 4.0 applications.

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Network intelligence and analytics

Understand traffic patterns and application flows in your network with advanced Nokia Deepfield network intelligence and analytics. It’s the smart way to obtain unique, real-time network and services insight that help you improve your network performance and security and optimize customer experience.  

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Did you know?

You can ramp up 400G optical capacity with Nokia WaveFabric to achieve:


greater capacity


reduced power per bit


improved wavelength performance


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How Nokia helps you win in a webscale world  

  1. IP performance at scale — Implement bigger, safer, insight-driven IP networks powered by our FP4 routers to support multi-cloud, 5G, IoT, AI and Industry 4.0.
  2. Cost-optimized network architecture – Scale your IP network without sacrificing features, performance and TCO to support edge and multi-cloud infrastructure.
  3. Open, automated data center switching – Scale your data center network for the NetOps era with an open and resilient NOS and automation toolkit.
  4. Maximize optical DCI capacity – Maximize the capacity and reach of your optical network with our super coherent PSE chipsets.
  5. Subsea optical networks – Achieve record non-regenerated span lengths, maximum spectral efficiency and optimized equipment costs with Nokia subsea solutions.
  6. Real-time analytics with insight-driven control – Implement Deepfield analytics, push-based telemetry and model-driven programmability with SDN control.
  7. Agile, responsive network automation – Enable multi-cloud environments from edge to core with an automated multi-layer, multi-domain network.
  8. 360 DDoS protection – Combine real-time analytics and packet filtering at massive scale to protect against high volume, sophisticated DDoS attacks.



Did you know?

You can supercharge your IP network with Nokia FP4 routers that power:

The world’s largest IP networks

The world’s largest internet exchange

Over 1,200 internet provider networks

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France IX

The leading Internet Exchange provider in France selects Nokia FP4 routers for its backbone renewal, enabling its peering community to gain greater connection capacity and stability with support for 400GE, automation and EVPN. 


Baidu and Tencent

The top 20 webscale providers in China – including Baidu and Tencent – use Nokia optical DCI solutions to provide the dynamic, massive-scale optical bandwidth needed to support growing cloud operations.


Angola Cables

Nokia and Angola Cables trial the first direct optical connection between USA and Africa with PSE-3 chipset to provide low-latency trans-Atlantic routing to better serve rapidly growing data consumption markets in Africa.

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