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Webscale networking for the cloud era

Webscale networking solutions

Nokia webscale networking solutions enable cloud providers, digital infrastructure providers, interconnection providers, online gaming and content providers to deliver richer cloud services, better serve their customers and increase operations efficiency.

Webscale companies rely on cloud data centers and network infrastructure to deliver applications and services to their customers. They must respond rapidly to sudden and massive demand for additional capacity, scaling data centers and networks easily and flexibly, with more agility and resiliency, and more security and efficiency.

Webscale companies depend on our webscale networking solutions to provide 400G IP routing, high-capacity optical data center interconnect (DCI) and open, automated data center switching. With advanced network analytics and intelligence, IP security and NetOps automation, our solutions enable webscale companies to build distributed data centers and network infrastructure to deliver cloud, 5G, IoT and Industry 4.0 applications.

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How to benefit from webscale networking

Cloud service providers

Interconnect your edge and core data centers with our high-capacity, modular data center interconnect  solutions. 8 of the top 10 cloud providers are using Nokia modular DCI solutions to maximize fiber capacity and reach.

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Colocation and hosting providers

Differentiate your offer with optimized edge cloud architecture for 5G, IoT and cloud applications. Colocation and hosting providers are moving up the value chain with our automated, multi-layer, edge cloud infrastructure.

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Digital infrastructure and IX providers 

Implement secure, high density peering and interconnection with our high performance IP routing solutions. Leading internet exchange and digital infrastructure providers use Nokia routers for IP performance at scale.

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Digital infrastructure and IX providers

Data center operators 

Scale your data center network with open, automated data center networking for the NetOps era. Data center operators are discovering how to scale operations to support distributed cloud applications.

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Cloud gaming and content providers 

Enhance your customers’ experience and protect your business with a secure data center edge. Gaming, content and e-commerce providers are making the network part of DDoS mitigation with Nokia Deepfield.  

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High capacity optical DCI


Deploying optical networks for cloud data center interconnect (DCI) across a metro, a region or on a global scale is complex and costly. That’s why webscale companies maximize the fiber capacity and performance of wavelengths in their optical networks with the Nokia super coherent Photonic Service Engine (PSE) chipset and Nokia optical platforms such as the 1830 Photonic Service Interconnect – Modular (PSI-M).

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High performance IP routing and peering


Webscale companies are focused on building larger, safer and more adaptive IP networks that can exploit the potential of the cloud. They need IP performance at scale to provide secure and reliable data center routing, gateway, and edge functions. In addition, they need to build highly scalable, high performance IP backbones, data center interconnection fabrics and secure peering edges to connect to internet peering points and service provider POPs.

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Open, automated data center switching


Accelerating demand for cloud-based applications is putting immense pressure on data center networks. Our next-generation data center fabric solution is driven by SR Linux, a uniquely open, extensible, and consumable Network Operating System (NOS), together with our Fabric Services System which provides a declarative, intent-based NetOps toolkit needed to successfully automate data center network operations.

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IP Security and DDoS protection


Cloud, 5G, and IoT are opening the door to a new generation of network-level security threats and attacks on IP network infrastructure. Current solutions lack the scale and functionality to address the growing threat volume and complexity. At Nokia, we deliver the at-scale, fully featured protection webscale companies need to guarantee the performance and integrity of their networks.

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More about Nokia webscale networking


  1. IP performance at scale — Implement bigger, safer, insight-driven IP networks powered by our FP4 and FP5 routers to support multi-cloud, 5G, IoT, AI and Industry 4.0.
  2. Optimized network architecture – Scale your IP network without sacrificing features, performance and TCO to support edge and multi-cloud infrastructure.
  3. Open, automated data center switching – Scale your data center network for the NetOps era with an open and resilient NOS and automation toolkit.
  4. Maximize optical DCI capacity – Maximize the capacity and reach of your optical network with our super coherent PSE chipsets.
  5. Subsea optical networks – Achieve record non-regenerated span lengths, maximum spectral efficiency and optimized equipment costs with Nokia subsea solutions.
  6. Real-time analytics with insight-driven control – Implement Deepfield analytics, push-based telemetry and model-driven programmability with SDN control.
  7. Agile, responsive network automation – Enable multi-cloud environments from edge to core with an automated multi-layer, multi-domain network.
  8. DDoS protection and mitigation – Combine real-time analytics and packet filtering at massive scale to protect against high volume, sophisticated DDoS attacks.

How customers are using our webscale solutions

France IX

France IX

The leading Internet Exchange provider in France selects Nokia FP4 routers for its backbone renewal, enabling its peering community to gain greater connection capacity and stability with support for 400GE, automation and EVPN. 


Baidu and Tencent

The top 20 webscale providers in China – including Baidu and Tencent – use Nokia optical DCI solutions to provide the dynamic, massive-scale optical bandwidth needed to support growing cloud operations.



The leading data communications provider in Northern Europe is upgrading its fiber network using the latest Nokia coherent optical technology to increase backbone capacity by 100 times.

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