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Never stop scaling your network to meet massive growth demands

Welcome to smarter, safer, automated networking at webscale

Webscale companies today need to scale globally at phenomenal rates. Effortlessly. Securely. Expanding customer share by delivering amazing customer experiences and enabling new game-changing cloud applications powered by 5G, IoT, AI and Industry 4.0.

But how do you deliver the kind of unstoppable network needed to make these visions reality? The answer is an insight-driven Nokia webscale network to power a global interconnection fabric, enable perfect peering engineering and support multi-layer network automation. All this, protected by Nokia Deepfield real-time network insights for never-stop security.

Right now, market leaders are translating their growth ambitions and strategic intentions into real world competitive advantage with Nokia’s innovative webscale solutions . See how we can transform your network too with never-stop webscale performance, security and intelligence.

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Watch how webscale helps you compete 

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How to support cloud applications with unstoppable network performance at an optimum cost

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7 ways to win with webscale

  1. Game changing performance at scale — Build a bigger, safer and more adaptive network powered by our FP4 routing silicon to support multi-cloud and 5G, IoT, AI and Industry 4.0 applications.
  2. Cost-optimized network architecture — Scale your network to support multi-cloud infrastructure with the right capabilities, performance and TCO.
  3. Reliable and secure data center networking — Deploy data center aggregation and edge functionality to connect to service provider POPs and the internet.
  4. Maximize what optical fiber can do — Push the performance of every wavelength in your optical network with our super coherent PSE-3 chipset.
  5. Insight-driven, real-time control — Support push-based models for data telemetry and model-driven programmability, big-data analytics and SDN control.
  6. Agile, responsive network automation — Automate your multi-layer, multi-domain network to support multi-cloud environments from edge to core.
  7. 360° DDoS protection — Monitor, recognize and stop sophisticated volumetric attacks using Deepfield, the world’s most holistic IP network intelligence and real-time analytics.

What makes a webscale network a business game changer

You need to deliver unstoppable customer experiences and game changing cloud applications. Webscale networks are perfect for the job: bigger, safer, adaptive, insight-driven.

See how Nokia is helping Webscale frontrunners like Equinix and DE-CIX deliver massive multi-dimensional network scale. The secret? Our innovative IP routers powered by FP4, the world’s first 3.0 Tb/s network processor.

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Why a never-stop webscale network is a game changer for your business

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Meet the frontrunners

Webscale frontrunners are building networks of the future - right now.

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“With the introduction of the 400 GE access technology, we once again underscore our claim to be a technology leader. We offer our customers next generation hardware and a modern, scalable infrastructure, which will also be able to meet all requirements in the future.”

Dr. Thomas King, Chief Technology Officer, DE-CIX

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Dr Thomas King

“The first big goal…to reduce the cost of the technology. Our second goal was architecture optimization — making sure that our architecture was a simple, single technology …easy to provision services and coherent across all different services.”

Muhammad Durrani, Chief Network Architect, Equinix

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Muhammad Durrani

“… the France-IX platform will not experience constraints in future when looking to scale offerings, automate network operations, or rapidly deploy new services.”

Simon Muyal, Chief Technical Officer, France-IX

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Simon Muyal

What our experts think

Craig Labovitz

Network traffic insights in the time of COVID-19

"Service providers need to ensure that their internet infrastructures are up to these new tasks – with enough capacity and ability to deliver all services with high performance under the increased traffic demand."

- Craig Labovitz Chief Technology Officer for Nokia Deepfield

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Putting networking at webscale into practice

"Imagine applying the game-changing principles of webscale IT programmability, abstraction, open interfaces and automation to the network itself."

- Steve Vogelsang, VP, Strategy & CTO, IP/ Optical Networks, Nokia

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Steve Vogelsang

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