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Nokia AVA telecom analytics and insights

Unlock the intelligence in your network to take your 5G business further

As communication service providers (CSPs) evolve to become digital service providers (DSPs), success will depend on having real-time, 360-degree insights into customers, network operations and business performance.

With these insights, CSPs can act in real time to improve customer experience, optimize operations, boost network performance, and increase revenue.

Telecom analytics software is needed to unearth those insights and use them to drive automated actions and provide real-time intelligence to decision-makers.

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What is Nokia AVA telecom analytics?

Nokia AVA is a family of analytics, insights and AI/ML products, services and use cases for advanced and predictive telecom analytics. Proven Nokia Bell Labs AI algorithms within Nokia AVA solutions enable CSPs to extract actionable insights from escalating volumes of network and subscriber data. Nokia AVA stands for: Analytics, Virtualisation, Automation (hence “AVA”).

Nokia AVA combines the strengths of Nokia software and services, providing CSPs with a compelling set of use cases, proven to solve their business challenges with real-time and predictive insights and AI/ML-driven automation.

Insights generated with Nokia AVA can be used to improve customer satisfaction, optimize operations for greater sustainability, boost productivity and network performance, increase revenues, and realize cost savings.

Over 290 CSPs globally rely on Nokia AVA solutions to unlock the intelligence in their 5G networks. They report significant business benefits helping CSPs boost productivity, enhance customer satisfaction & reputation and grow new revenues.

  • 25% improvement in NPS
  • 30% faster network issue resolution
  • 20% reduced energy consumption
  • 20% OPEX savings for energy

Nokia AVA solutions are available as software, service or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), enabling CSPs to quickly deploy new applications in an agile manner.


Nokia AVA telecom analytics and insights

AVA helps CSp to unlock the full value of 5G

Here's how Nokia AVA helps CSPs unlock the full value of 5G

Adoption of Nokia AVA brand across analytics, insights & AI portfolio

How is artificial intelligence used in telecom analytics?

Artificial intelligence equips CSPs to run their business in digital time – by augmenting human intelligence and automating processes that are currently manual. Some of the most promising applications of AI in telecom include:

Customer care: Agents are triggered to contact customers (in their channel of choice) before their Customer Experience Index (CEI) drops to ‘poor’ status. AI then helps the agent to resolve the issue with the customer, increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer engagement: Real-time, AI-generated insights allow CSPs to engage subscribers in the right channel with personalized and contextual offers.

Service operations: Insights into service performance allow operations to tackle the right issues first, before they impact the customer experience.

Network optimization: AI-driven networks use data to guide efficient, automated operations, including dynamic spectrum management, predictive resource allocation, and deployment of virtual network of functions (VNFs).

AI applications infographic

Transforming telecoms with Artificial Intelligence

Benefits of Nokia AVA analytics and insights

Nokia AVA is proven to help CSPs boost productivity, enhance customer satisfaction & reputation and grow new revenues.

Productivity: POST Luxembourg, a Tier-1 European service provider, has used Nokia AVA to proactively identify and address 97% of network issues before they affect subscribers. Meanwhile, Hutchison 3 Indonesia was able to improve the spectral efficiency of their network by 17%. Also, Vodafone resolves network issues up to 30% faster, with Bell Labs machine learning algorithms detecting anomalies and helping automate root cause analysis.

Customer satisfaction & reputation: Nokia AVA helped to improve its nationwide Net Promoter Score by 25% in four months and is helping China Mobile to reduce energy consumption by up to 20%.

New revenues: Over 90% of customer care agents at US Operator said customer engagement notably improved after Nokia AVA was used to provide deeper insight into individual subscribers’ wants and needs.

Case study
Vodafone case study cover thumbnail

Vodafone is partnering with Nokia to build an anomaly detection application on GCP

Improve the customer experience with big data and artificial intelligence

A great customer experience (CX) can significantly increase customer satisfaction and decrease customer churn. But to optimize CX, CSPs must first understand it holistically – across mobile and fixed networks, services and business, and in three operational layers:

Network experience: How well the network and applications are functioning

Transaction experience: How the billing & price, allowance and flexibility are operating

Interaction experience: How well each customer journey touchpoint is working

Nokia AVA delivers a complete view of each customer’s experience across network, service and business layers. In doing so, it allows CSPs to become fully customer-centric across service operations, engineering, customer care, marketing and management.


How can telcos improve customer experience?


Leveraging AI to deliver a personalized experience in the new normal


Great customer experience starts with great employee experience

AI and analytics

4 ways CSPs can improve 5G services with AI and analytics

Ensure service quality and business success

Broad and deep insight across networks will be essential to the efficient delivery of new services in the 5G world and beyond.

Real-time insight into network performance and the subscriber experience will enable CSPs to better meet SLAs, by anticipating and addressing issues before they negatively impact customers.

Nokia AVA telecom analytics solutions offer advanced monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities for fixed and mobile, home and access networks – enabling fast, informed action across business domains:

Customer care: Understand which subscribers may be experiencing network degradations, and which models of device may be contributing to them, to enable proactive rather than reactive customer support.

Customer engagement: Understand every subscriber in the network as an individual, to engage subscribers in the right channel with personalized and contextual offers. Also, understand which devices, services and applications are most in demand to guide future business strategy as the CSP evolves from a connectivity provider to a digital services provider (DSP).

Service & network operations: Monitor service quality across networks to identify and correct anomalies and bottlenecks, and conduct fast, efficient, automated root cause analysis (RCA) for ongoing network optimization. And monitor network performance and the subscriber experience across services in real time to ensure compliance with SLAs – particularly as high-value services like dedicated 5G slices roll out.

Network planning & optimization: Gain valuable insights into locations where subscriber demand is concentrated and where bandwidth and capacity needs are greatest. Understand where and how best to deploy network resources to meet current and likely future demand.

5g network analytics

Could 5G network analytics deliver new revenue opportunities for CSPs?


Here's how analytics are the silver bullet for 5G success to improve customer experience and employee effectiveness

Why choose Nokia AVA analytics and insights

How Nokia AVA analytics and insights helps you unlock the intelligence in your 5G networks:


Enhancing reputation and customer experience:

  • 25% improvement in NPS
  • 97% of issues detected 
  • 40% improvement in campaign success rate 
  • 80% improvement in mean time to repair
  • 30% reduction in technical complaints 
  • 59% less buffering with predictive video analytics

Improving productivity:

  • 30% faster network issue resolution
  • 95% correct/helpful diagnosis of network
  • 60% improved resolution of customer problems
  • 15-20% reduction in installation & repair time
  • 20-30% improvement in call avoidance
  • 90% first-time right recommendations 

Growing new revenues:

  • 20% OPEX savings for energy 
  • 20% reduced energy consumption
  • 85% accuracy with cell site degradation prediction 
  • 100% detecting sleeping cells near real-time
  • 80% cost related savings to manual drive testing 
  • 90% of agents report increased customer engagement

Vodafone leveraging ML analytics to detect network anomalies

Vodafone needed a solution to break down data silos, and detect complex network anomalies to enhance customer experience. 


Download the case study

POST Luxembourg utilizing AI to improve home experience

POST Lux needed a solution to improve the overall efficiency of its field technicians.  


Download the case study

How China Mobile is using Nokia AI for energy-efficient 5G

China Mobile needed a solution that would cut energy consumption and control costs without compromising the customer experience.

Download the case study

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