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Insights and analytics

Augment human intelligence and automate processes

Building data-driven, real-time 360° experience view about the customers, business and operations is a key for future success. This requires to have comprehensive AI, analytics and learning data journey software assets for real-time data intelligence to close the cognitive gap from insights to instant actions to improve customer experience, optimize operations, boost network performance and increase revenue.

Over 350 global CSP customers trust Nokia’s industry-leading insights assets that leverage Nokia Bell Labs AI algorithms for business, customer, service quality and operations, and network analytics. The broad insights use-case library, consisting of 200+ off-the-shelf use-cases, brings significant and proven business benefits to CSPs including 5.4% NPS improvement, 46% churn reduction, 70% new network failures proactively detected and 240% improvement in campaign success rates, to mention few examples.

Nokia’s AI and analytics assets equip CSPs to run their business in digital time by augmenting human intelligence and automating processes.

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