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IP Anyhaul

Get to 5G faster with IP Anyhaul

Our IP Anyhaul solution puts you on the path to 5G with future-ready IP routing. Part of our comprehensive 5G Anyhaul portfolio, this award-winning solution addresses critical 5G network requirements and delivers multigigabit cell-site connectivity, dynamic interconnectivity, and high-performance aggregation.

IP Anyhaul can accelerate your evolution to 5G and help you create value for existing and new customers by supporting ultra-broadband connectivity, new Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and mission-critical use cases that require ultra-low latency and high reliability.

5G mobile architectures can disaggregate and virtualize both RAN and mobile core functions. Applications can be located in edge clouds closer to users. See how Nokia IP routers provide interconnectivity between these functions and end applications – whatever their needs and wherever they are located.

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This animation discusses the benefits of packetizing CPRI fronthaul streams with Radio over Ethernet technology and contrasts the various RoE mapping modes explaining the benefits of each in terms of bandwidth savings and improving interworking.

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