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Network Analytics

Turn data into knowledge that improves network and business performance

Holistic insights ensure a better network and better customer experience. Having a complete view across mobile and fixed networks, and home and access networks lets you see

  • how the services are being used at any given time, e.g., across network technologies 4G & 5G
  • who are the customers who are unable to access services or have network experience incidents
  • which device models (mobiles, home devices, IoT) are causing experience degradations

Network Analytics monitors and troubleshoots the service quality, service usage, and traffic in real-time at a network-wide level down to individual cells for subscribers and devices in mobile and fixed networks. It enables visualization of network performance to operations, customer care, marketing, and sales from a subscriber perspective. Real-time information about network capacity and traffic patterns helps to prevent network problems from happening.

Real-time visibility to subscriber activity across mobile and fixed domains enables the operations teams to stay on top of what is happening in the network.

  • operations to detect and troubleshoot subscriber issues rapidly
  • customer care to discover and resolve problems as soon as they are experienced
  • network planning for more effective investments based on insights on network resource usage
  • identify the most popular device models and those that cause the most issues
  • monitor services uptake in real-time

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