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1390 network planning tool

Intelligence, automation and efficiency for multilayer optical networks.

The Nokia 1390 Network Planning Tool (NPT) adds intelligence, automation and efficiency to multilayer optical networks, from design to commissioning. It provides a comprehensive set of engineering, planning and analysis functions for multi-technology OTN/WDM networks, reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) by ensuring the most agile and cost-efficient configurations.

The 1390 NPT addresses traffic and service demand changes that can dramatically impact the efficiency of network planning and design. Embedded GMPLS-based control plane mechanisms enable automated network dimensioning and fault analysis. Bell Labs algorithms make the 1390 NPT a powerful tool for demand planning and re-design to address network extensions, defragmentations or re-optimizations.

The 1390 NPT is designed for networks based on the Nokia 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) and the Nokia 1626 Light Manager (LM) platforms. It interworks with the Nokia Network Functions Manager for Transport (NFM-T).

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