Netguard end-point security

Detect network threats in real-time

Mobile networks are being exposed to a variety of new security challenges due to the data-oriented direction of today’s telecom services, including the introduction of LTE and the migration of parts of the network to the cloud. Other challenges are the increasing data traffic and the wide variety and diversity of connected devices, not just smartphones, tablets, wearables and other devices used by users, but also Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Endpoint security challenges are on the rise as the potential attack space grows. For instance, 70 percent of IoT devices do not use encryption with 90 percent of them collecting at least one piece of personal information from users. There have been several high profile attacks recently that have originated from compromised IoT devices. Malware, long a problem in fixed networks, continues to grow at 11 percent per annum, while mobile malware has doubled, mostly on Android devices, but iOS is starting to be attacked as well. Cybercrime is big business and organizations are professional, organized and well funded.

To protect against a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack coming from endpoints on the network, whether user or IoT devices, the NetGuard Endpoint Security (NES) solution can detect in real time the creation, for instance, of a Botnet and block or disturb the communications to and from the command-and-control center (C&C) controlling the infected devices. NES can then either inform the subscribers or the IoT vendors to start device cleansing, or initiate processes within the operator’s organization to update the firmware of the devices using device management tools, such as Nokia's IMPACT IoT platform.

Experience you can trust

Nokia takes an open and vendor-agnostic approach to security hardware and cloud-stack implementations. We adapt to specific operator needs by complementing our own solutions with many well-proven, best-in-class partner products and solutions. We are also active in more than five security standards forums and support a number of open-source security initiatives.

Additionally, we offer a full suite of security services that address service providers’ key value drivers such as enabling cost reduction, reducing deployment risk and improving the efficiency of security assets. Nokia is involved in over 500 security projects worldwide with over 4,000 security equipment installations in operator networks, helping to make us the number one vendor in securing commercial LTE networks.

The advantages of NetGuard Endpoint Security:

Malware detection

Malware detection for all networks and any kind of subscriber devices, including iOS devices, based on network-based signatures that are continually updated by Nokia’s Threat Intelligence Lab.

High-performance sensors

High-performance network sensors that support up to 18Gbps of traffic analysis and 100,000+ events per minute, scaling to hundreds of millions of subscribers.

Real-time insights

Analytics dashboard for real-time insights into the extent and type of infections in the service provider network.

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