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Fabric Services System

Bring intent-based automation to every phase of your data center switching fabric operations

Get the architecture and tools you need to automate data center switching fabrics

Our Fabric Services System lets you support intent-based network automation at scale for all phases of your data center fabric operations, from Day 0 design to Day 1 deployment and Day 2+ configuration, operation, measurement and analysis.

A key component of our Data Center Switching Fabric solution, the Fabric Services System complements and extends our Service Router Linux (SR Linux) network operating system (NOS). It enables you to support true lifecycle management for your data center fabrics.

The Fabric Services System implements a modern architecture based on an open Kubernetes foundation combined with intent-based, distributed microservices and cloud-native approaches. It features the Fabric Services System digital sandbox, an operations tool that enables you to emulate a data center fabric, application workloads and external Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) speakers.

    The switch is on to data center networking your way

    Watch Basil Alwan introduce the Nokia Data Center Fabric solution and describe how we finally free you to build, scale, and operate data center networks the way that best suits you. See him open the door for you to switch and turn away from being both too locked in, and too locked out by your own network and tools.

    Why use the Fabric Services System to operate your data center network?

    Increase automation

    Automate all phases of data center network operations with a scalable, distributed automation and operations toolkit.

    Embrace DevOps

    Simplify the integration of networking with DevOps practises using tools that break down organizational silos.  

    Manage workloads faster

    Build certified fabric designs and automate EVPN configuration with a system that represents fabric intent as code.

    Manage risk

    Enable your NetOps teams to test and validate changes before applying them to the production network.

    Improve fabric observability

    Use comprehensive telemetry and log data to monitor and gain deep insights into east–west and north–south traffic.

    Streamline fabric operations

    Take advantage of operational views that let users quickly debug functional or performance issues or perform accurate capacity planning actions.

    Support flexible fabric integrations

    Integrate in-house operational tools, orchestration systems and cloud environments with a cloud-native approach.

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