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Gainspeed access controller

Unlock new capacity and cost savings in your cable network

The Nokia Gainspeed Access Controller is the “brains” of Nokia’s unified cable access solution. The Access Controller leverages Software-Defined Networking (SDN) to centralize control of the entire unified cable access solution. The Access Controller virtualizes the Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) and manages all components of the solution.

Built on an industry-standard Linux OS, the Access Controller can be installed on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware anywhere within the operator’s network and can run on bare-metal servers or a virtual machine.

Operators can choose between a CLI and Web GUI for on-board system management, or leverage SNMP or NETCONF to configure and control the Access Controller from any third-party management application. From a single CLI, point-and-click interface, or programmatically using an SDN orchestrator, operators can configure and manage a large and widely deployed network of Access Nodes.

With full support for standard IPDR schemas and standard CableLabs, SCTE, IP networking and DOCSIS MIBs, the solution easily integrates into existing billing and management systems.



  • CLI and Web GUI for configuration and management.
  • Customizable network dashboard to align the interface with operational workflows.
  • Centralized software license management.
  • CCAP OSSI-based configuration and management framework.
  • SDN orchestration via programmatic NETCONF interface.

  • Geographic representation of nodes using Google Maps.
  • SSHv2, SSL for secure remote access.
  • Paired deployment for high-availability.
  • Scales to support 100s of Access Nodes per Access Controller instance.

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