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ONT portfolio

Deliver superior fiber services to the home

Nokia ONT

The Nokia Optical Network Terminations (ONTs) fit in the new high capacity ISAM family for next-generation fiber deployments. They can be deployed indoors or outdoors for residential or business users.

Extensive portfolio

Nokia has developed an extensive portfolio of ONTs, ranging from simple Layer 2 ONTs, up to fully integrated solutions with Layer 3 functionality, delivering superior triple-play services with high bandwidth capacity to the end users. Our portfolio supports all fiber technologies, from GPON to XGS-PON or TWDM-PON, and EPON/10G EPON as well. The ONTs are available in different options with different types of user interfaces to suit all networking needs.

Nokia also brings several ONTs to the market that support the latest Wi-Fi standard, Wi-Fi 6.

The Nokia ONTs work seamlessly with all existing ISAM Optical Line Terminals (OLTs) and support the industry leading Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities of the existing ISAM family.

Nokia WiFi for mesh networking

Selected ONTs have been upgraded with the Nokia WiFi mesh networking capability. Nokia WiFi Mesh Middleware is the foundation of all our mesh-enabled products. It guarantees the best performance by self-optimizing and instantly self-healing when it detects any problems. The Mesh Middleware controls the local radio resource management (RRM) functions for autonomous operation. The Mesh Middleware supports the latest technologies like Wi-Fi 6 and is EasyMesh™ certified.

Nokia WiFi Beacons can then be used to extend the coverage throughout the whole home. You can find more information about Nokia WiFi here.

Cloud-based Wi-Fi optimization

Manage the entire Nokia mesh enabled portfolio through the Cloud Controller, even across a multi-vendor network. Two different interfaces give you total control:

  • The Home Console, for helpdesk agents, gives real-time visibility of the in-home network, connected devices and traffic.
  • The Network Console, for network operations teams, lets you optimize all Wi-Fi access points in your network, taking into account how each access point affects the others.

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