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Real Talk - The Power of Openness

Connecting ideas with #NoBoundaries

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Open the door to innovation with #NoBoundaries

CSPs have been sharing infrastructure and leveraging cloud technology for more than 10 years. And while openness is key to creating innovative services, smarter business models and better customer experiences, just 8% of telecoms executives strongly agree it will be critical to their success going forward. Join the “father of open innovation”, Professor and Faculty Director Henry Chesbrough, TM Forum’s CTO George Glass, Axel Menneking, VP Incubation & Venturing of Deutsche Telekom, Brian Partridge, Research Director at 451 Research and other experts for an honest discussion about the power of openness and the key principles CSPs can’t afford to ignore as they create a future with #NoBoundaries for their customers and industry partners.

From open innovation to open business models

Henry Chesbrough, Faculty Director, Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation, University of California, Berkeley

Openness is one of the top industry buzzwords. Now it’s time to go from talk to action. In this revealing keynote, Henry Chesbrough, affectionately known as the “father of open innovation”, explains why openness is more important than ever to unlocking innovation. Drawing on insights, research and best practices from various industries, he shares ways to overcome common challenges and break down barriers for more open business models in telecoms.

Open for business: is there a future in telecoms without openness?

Openness isn’t just about technology — it can also drive strategic business decisions. Now is the perfect time to talk about how our industry can push beyond the boundaries of our current thinking in this space. Join our panelists for a conversation on the key success factors that have helped CSPs such as Deutsche Telekom turn open innovation into real business success. They’ll explore the links between openness and value creation, how to measure the business impact of openness, where the telecoms industry is today in its openness journey, and more.



  • Henry Chesbrough, Faculty Director, Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation, University of California, Berkeley
  • Axel Menneking, VP, Start-up Incubation & Venturing, Deutsche Telekom
  • Chris Jones, VP, Strategic Partnerships, Nokia

Open to possibilities: driving future industry innovation

Momentum is building for open APIs, open RAN and more. The challenge is turning a technical conversation into a commercial one — and to see openness as the gateway to a world of innovation possibilities. Join our panelists for an insightful discussion on the principles of openness (open forums, open interfaces, open ecosystems, open culture). We explore why CSPs need to embrace these principals, allowing application developers to help build new services for them, and to establish the necessary partnerships and business models required for 5G monetization.



  • George Glass, CTO, TM Forum
  • Brian Partridge, Research Director, 451 Research
  • Kurt Pynaert, Head of End-to-End SDAN Solutions and Bell Labs Fellow, Nokia
  • Pasi Toivanen, Head of RAN Edge Cloud Platforms, Nokia

Meet our speakers

Henry Chesbrough, “the father of Open Innovation”

Henry Chesbrough

Henry Chesbrough, “the father of Open Innovation”

Henry Chesbrough is best known as “the father of Open Innovation”. He teaches at the Haas School of Business at the University of California-Berkeley, where he is the Faculty Director of the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation. He is also Maire Tecnimont Professor of Open Innovation and Sustainability at Luiss University in Rome. Previously he was an Assistant Professor at Harvard Business School. He holds a PhD from UC Berkeley, and MBA from Stanford, and a BA from Yale University.

He has written books such as Open Innovation (Harvard Business School Press, 2003), Open Business Models (Harvard Business School Press, 2006), Open Services Innovation (Jossey-Bass, 2011) and Open Innovation Results (Oxford, 2020). His research has been cited more than 90,000 times, according to Google Scholar.

He has been recognized as one of the leading business thinkers by Thinkers50. He received an Innovation Luminary award from the European Commission in 2014. He received the Industrial Research Institute Medal of Achievement in 2017, and has two honorary doctorates.

George Glass, Chief Technology Officer TM Forum

George Glass

George Glass, Chief Technology Officer TM Forum

George is an experienced industry thought leader, telecoms professional and business manager with over 32 years expertise in the IT sector in all aspects of software engineering. Having joined the TM Forum in 2018 as VP of Architecture and APIs, George became CTO of the TM Forum in 2020. Through industry collaboration, George is the leading the creation of industry standard architectural and business transformation patterns, Open APIs, AI enabled operational models, self-healing autonomous network services and data models that enable digital service providers to simplify the transformation of their IT and network estate, helping to drive the digital revolution that is happening across all industries today.

Prior to joining the TM Forum George was the Chief Systems Architect for BT, leading architectural transformations within BT for over 15 years. Whilst at BT George was an active contributor to the TM Forum, and one of the original authors and creators of BT’s Service Oriented Architecture, built upon TM Forum standards, which has persisted and evolved, enabling the transformation of BT from a telephone company to the digital service provider that it is today.

Axel Menneking, Head of Startup Incubation & Venturing at Deutsche Telekom

Axel Meneking

Axel Menneking, Head of Startup Incubation & Venturing at Deutsche Telekom

Located in Berlin, Axel Menneking is head of Startup Incubation & Venturing at Deutsche Telekom. In his role he leads the international activities of the corporate tech incubator hubraum and is Managing Director of the Startup Seed Investment Fund of Deutsche Telekom.

Before joining hubraum Axel Menneking had various leadership roles in product marketing and product management in fast moving consumer goods, strategy consulting, internet startup and telecom environments. Axel studied Industrial Engineering and Management and holds an Executive MBA of ESCP Europe Business School.

Brian Partridge, Research Director, 451 Research

Brian Partridge

Brian Partridge, Research Director, 451 Research

Brian Partridge is a Research Director for the Applied Infrastructure & DevOps and Internet of Things research channels at 451 Research, a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence. In these roles, Brian has overall responsibility for channel research deliverables and team management. As a researcher he actively contributes to the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud-native technologies, 5G and edge computing research agendas and has subject matter expertise in telecom infrastructure and enterprise networking domains.

Chris Jones, Nokia

Chris Jones

Chris Jones, Nokia

Chris Jones is the Nokia VP of Strategic Partnerships where he is focused on driving external corporate partnerships, strategic M&A assessment, and ecosystem building. Chris has worked over 20 years in the Nokia/Alcatel-Lucent portfolio of companies, first joining as a Bell Labs researcher after receiving his PhD from Cornell University. His career has included roles leading a Technology Strategy and CTO Services team, working six years in corporate strategy, and various product development and innovation roles. A key focus area for his current strategic partnerships role is to enhance Nokia’s innovation framework – to realize the commercial impact of internal incubation and the strategic impact of external investment activities.

Kurt Pynaert, Nokia

Kurt Pynaert

Kurt Pynaert, Nokia

Kurt Pynaert is the head of end-2-end software defined access networks in Nokia. He holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering, and is a Bell Labs Fellow. After 30+ years in the industry, his career has come full circle – he started as a control and automation engineer, and now spends his days architecting and advocating closed-loop automation for the cloud era.

Pasi Toivanen, Nokia

Pasi Toivanen

Pasi Toivanen, Nokia

Vice President and Head of Edge Cloud Platforms, Nokia

Pasi Toivanen is Vice President and Head of Edge Cloud Platforms at Nokia where he is responsible for driving the development of Nokia’s O-RAN and Cloud RAN technologies. In this role he established an Edge Cloud partnering ecosystem across Nokia’s global businesses as well as through partnerships with international Cloud companies to drive innovation and position Nokia as global leader. An impactful, proven industry leader with over 20 years of experience, Pasi is also responsible for Nokia’s Edge Cloud portfolio, which includes AirFrame datacenters, Radio Cloud Platform (RCP), Nokia Edge Automation tool (NEAT), Fronthaul Gateway (FHGW) and Service Enablement Platform (SEP).

An enthusiastic senior leader, Pasi is well-versed in establishing new organizations, business models and driving organizational transformation. He is passionate about delivering customer success, innovation and building unique solutions with the latest technology and services.

Pasi joined Nokia in 1998 and has held various senior roles across the Program, Portfolio and Partner divisions. Pasi has also held senior roles at Juniper and at Ericsson, where he was Global Head, IP solutions and Global Head of Service Delivery. In his career he has worked in a number of countries away from his native Finland including China, Germany and the United Kingdom.

In his spare time, Pasi has a passion for motorcycling and good wine but is careful not to pursue these interests at the same time.

Executive host: Ricky Corker, Nokia

Ricky Corker

Executive host: Ricky Corker, Nokia

As Chief Customer Experience Officer (CCXO) at Nokia, Ricky is responsible for helping Nokia’s telecommunications customers realize their vision and ambition through his leadership of the company’s global sales and marketing functions.

A dynamic leader with 25 years of international experience in the telecommunications industry, Ricky is known for his strong commitment to customer satisfaction and to leading his team to ever-higher achievements. Throughout his career he has demonstrated an ability to exceed sales targets through an intense customer focus and a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of Nokia’s customers.

Ricky previously served as President of Customer Operations, Americas and before that as Market Head, North America. In these roles he swiftly returned the North America region to growth and oversaw Nokia’s participation in the first 5G launches in the US, as well as presiding over a long growth spell in Latin America.

Prior to this, Ricky served as Head of the Asia Pacific region, helping the company gain share in many key markets, including Japan and Indonesia, and was also responsible for opening up new markets in South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and Bangladesh. Before this he held senior sales and marketing positions in the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Ricky holds a bachelor’s degree in communications and electronic engineering from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Australia. He resides in Northern California, is married and has four children. He is an avid golfer and enjoys tennis, bike riding, reading and spending time with his family.

Career history: 

  • President of Customer Operations, Americas, Nokia, 2019–2020 
  • Executive Vice President and President of North America, Nokia, 2011–2018
  • Head of Asia Pacific, Nokia Siemens Networks, 2009–2011
  • Head of Asia North Region, Nokia Siemens Networks, 2008–2009
  • Head of Hutchison Global Customer Business Team, Nokia Siemens Networks, 2007–2008
  • Vice President Asia Pacific, Nokia Networks, 2005–2007
  • Lead Sales Director Asia Pacific, Nokia Networks, 2004–2005
  • Account Director Telstra, Nokia Networks, 2002–2003
  • Account Director Vodafone Australia and New Zealand, and Sales Director Vodafone Asia Pacific Customer Business Team, Nokia Networks, 2001–2002
  • Commercial Director Global Accounts British Telecom, Nokia Networks, 2001
  • Senior sales and marketing positions at Nokia, 1993–2001

Event moderator: Amber Mac

Amber Mac

Event moderator: Amber Mac


Amber has keynoted more than 400 events around the world and has moderated sessions with: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; former FBI Director James Comey; business coach Tony Robbins; famed astronaut Chris Hadfield; and many other notable leaders. In 2010, she wrote the national bestselling business book Power Friending (Portfolio: New York) and in 2016, she co-wrote the Amazon bestseller, Outsmarting Your Kids Online.

Amber has hosted and co-hosted a variety of podcast series, including The AI Effect (presented by Accenture), Marketing Disrupted, The Feed, commandN, and The Amber Mac Show. She is a regular business host and expert for Fast Company, CNN, Bloomberg, CBS, BNN, CTV, The Marilyn Denis Show, and SiriusXM (where she co-hosts #TheFeed). Plus, in 2018, she was named one of DMZ’s 30 inspirational women making a difference in technology.

Amber Mac started her career in San Francisco and Boston during the dot-com boom. As a strategist for Razorfish and Director of Marketing for an e-procurement software company, she spent four years in the technology start-up trenches. Amber left the start-up world to join Microsoft to build one of the first female-focused lifestyle portals. In 2006, she started her own digital agency. The company’s first client was world-renowned business coach, Tony Robbins, and now includes Microsoft, Google, GE, Paypal, Nintendo, Canada Goose, and Fast Company, and many more leading organizations.

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