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Real Talk

Connecting ideas with #NoBoundaries

About Real Talk event series

Hear from some of the world’s most experienced and influential leaders on topics that matter to your business: monetization, sustainability, openness and beyond.
The Nokia Real Talk sessions give you a front-row seat for keynote presentations, panel discussions and other informative content focused on helping you push past boundaries and break down the barriers that are holding back your business. Register for live sessions across multiple time zones or watch on-demand after the events are over.

When there are #NoBoundaries, there are no limits to where you can go.

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Putting Industry 4.0 to work

There’s a good reason why the Industry 4.0 hype cycle has been in overdrive for years: digitalized processes and operations are now “table stakes” if enterprises across all industries are to stay competitive. But are the recent pandemic-driven investments in digitalization paying off? And what might be holding companies back from fully embracing Industry 4.0? Join our panel of experts as they assess the current state of Industry 4.0 — and offer compelling insights into how common digitalization roadblocks can be overcome as we work to build a future with #NoBoundaries.  

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industry 4.0

The power of openness

CSPs have been sharing infrastructure and leveraging cloud technology for more than 10 years. And while openness is key to creating innovative services, smarter business models and better customer experiences, just 8% of telecoms executives strongly agree it will be critical to their success going forward. Join the “father of open innovation”, Professor and Faculty Director Henry Chesbrough, TM Forum’s CTO George Glass, Axel Menneking, VP Incubation & Venturing of Deutsche Telekom, Brian Partridge, Research Director at 451 Research and other experts for an honest discussion about the future of openness and the key principles CSPs can’t afford to ignore as they create a future with #NoBoundaries for their customers and industry partners.

Real Talk Openness

A sustainable future

CSPs play a central role in tackling the global climate crisis. Digital connectivity and technologies provide low carbon solutions that help other industries decarbonize. They also unleash exponential innovation of services and business models that enable a sustainable future. Steven Moore, GSMA’s Head of Climate Action, and John Elkington, an award winning authority on sustainability, explore how digital technologies ensure there are #NoBoundaries to innovation for a sustainable future. 


Mastering monetization

For communications service providers (CSPs), monetization has typically focused on turning network investments into revenue streams. But where’s the customer in that equation? Join Duncan Wardle, former Head of Innovation and Creativity at Disney, Robbie Kellman Baxter, author of The Membership Economy, and other experts for intriguing conversations on how CSPs can unlock business growth with #NoBoundaries by re-evaluating their monetization approach to focus first on the customer experience.

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Mastering monetization

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