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Spectral Performance Management

Machine learning provides more granular insights

Using Nokia AVA-powered analysis and deep learning technologies, our Spectral Performance Analysis service brings a more granular approach to managing supply and demand in mobile networks. Instead of just analyzing individual cells, Nokia Spectral Performance Analysis divides cells into multiple zones with similar characteristics, such as user density or app usage, and measures the Area Spectral Efficiency for each zone.

With a granular view of spectral performance in zones within cells, operators can predict future capacity demands with confidence, helping:

  • Increase capacity planning accuracy
  • Match capacity supply to predicted demand
  • Eliminate overprovisioning to increase ROI by 15%

“AI will help us manage increasing complexity and make smarter decisions – to improve network performance for our subscribers”

Desmond Cheung, CTO
Desmond Cheung, CTO / Hutchison 3 Indonesia

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