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Adopt lean operations and increase business agility

CloudBand software is an ETSI NFV MANO system with commercially proven reliability, automation, repeatability and security. It is flexibly deployed for any combination of NFV Infrastructure / Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (NFVI/VIM), generic VNF Manager (G-VNFM), and NFV Orchestrator, and serves VNFs from Nokia and other suppliers. 

As your network offer evolves and adapts to meet the challenges of digital time where operation is lean and service operation is fast and efficient, you need to rely on an infrastructure that meets many challenges that Nokia’s CloudBand portfolio will help you address:

  • Openness and universal applicability is now a requirement to stay on top when competing with traditional and web-scale service providers. With IT and Telco requirements blurring, it is important to keep options open with investment choices that, like Nokia’s CloudBand, support hybrid infrastructure, are open for multi-vendor and can meet the challenges of cloud-native architecture.
  • Serviceability and operability becomes a criterion of choice to accommodate the service requirement of real time workloads trending to zero latency. CloudBand uses the latest from centralized, upstream opensource channel. With zero downtime optimized upgrade procedures from the MANO, the network is ready to be serviced continuously.
  • Security, which has always been a key priority for infrastructure and services becomes still more important as the scope of services goes broader – Think IOT or 5G network slicing for instance. Designed bottom up for security and system hardening, and fully compliant with ANSSI, GDPR, NSA and additional country-specific security protocols, the CloudBand portfolio contributes to your secure offer.

Our CloudBand portfolio makes it simple to host, orchestrate, automate, and manage virtualized network functions (VNFs) and services. Its scalable and flexible products help you reduce time to revenue for new services and use automation and optimization to make network operations lean. With CloudBand, you benefit from the rapid pace of open-source innovation and get a carrier-grade product that’s ready for deployment.

It’s time to deploy cloud. Telenor, T-Mobile USA, Three UK, Vodafone, Elisa, Tele2, Altan, Bharti Airtel, Freedom Mobile, and about 90 customers use our CloudBand MANO for use-cases such as voice over LTE, evolved packet core, public safety, SD-WAN, government cloud, or as an NFV platform.


How will you use NFV? Turn your vision into reality with CloudBand.

Global and multi-national

65+ customers across the world have selected CloudBand for a diverse set of NFV projects

  • 90 customers across the world have selected CloudBand for a diverse set of NFV projects
  • Transform a multi-national service provider’s business with NFV platforms in 5 countries serving networks that are highly multi-vendor
  • Achieve short time to market with a pre-integrated virtualized VoLTE and VoWifi solution with 3 central data centers and 7 access nodes


Improve services


  • Augment enterprise data services with a scalable unified communications service enabling new voice services
  • Deliver scalable traffic optimization services in a rapidly growing mobile network market
  • Reduce complexity and increase control plane performance for an end-to-end VoLTE service for a cable multi-service operator

Provide more, faster

  • Rapidly deploy wholesale virtualized mobile data services to ISP customers in a multi-site deployment
  • Serve far more enterprises with SD-WAN, sell new VNF-based services, and transform operational integration 
  • Optimize government digital initiatives to better serve their citizens, without squelching grassroots initiatives, for services spanning connectivity, VPN, communications and IT hosting


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