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Home and access analytics

Resolve service, device, and network issues before customers notice them

According to industry analysts, IT departments still discover about 70% of the service problems that end users report to the help desk. About 35% of all trouble calls are related to Wi-Fi, a vital element of the connected home experience.

Nokia Home and Access Analytics takes the pressure off your IT department. It analyzes service, device and network data to predict customer issues and prescribe next best actions that let you resolve them. With proactive care, you can prevent problems that cause dissatisfaction and continuously improve the home, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), and small cell customer experience.

Our Home and Access Analytics is pre-integrated with our Service Management Platform and IMPACT device manager. The portfolio is also strengthened by specific network intelligence capabilities that further enhance the collection of insights for proactive and reactive care.

  • Nokia Network Analyzer – Copper (NA–C) to ensure that your digital subscriber lines (DSLs) deliver the quality and stability you need to succeed with high-speed internet and triple-play services.

  • Nokia Network Analyzer – Fiber (NA-F) to ensure that the PON and optical links meet QoS requirements for the best broadband customer experience of successful fiber-to-the-home services deployment.

By combining these capabilities, you can use predictions to support automation and actions that optimize the customer experience

Optimize customer value

Prevent outages, downtime, and other issues that could adversely affect your customers. Proactive care lets you solve problems before customers notice them and contact you. With Home and Access Analytics, you can predict:

  • 30% of customer calls up to two hours in advance

  • 70% of drop-ships for home gateways and set-top boxes

  • 65% of technician dispatches

Make the customer experience effortless and optimal

Reduce help desk call volume and handle times with analytics-driven machine learning. Home and Access Analytics uncovers call anomalies that are difficult to detect with operations support systems (OSS). It determines the next best action to present to your customers, agents, and field technicians.

Prioritize issues based on their business impact

Gain insights that help you address call-driver issues in the right order. Home and Access Analytics detects details such as which brands of modem are deployed in rural areas and urban centers. It uses this information to help you prioritize problems based on how they impact your business.

Adopt an agile customer experience business strategy

Serve customers more effectively by continuously updating and improving your workflows and processes. Home and Access Analytics identifies and resolves customer issues using machine learning and automation technologies from Nokia Bell Labs. It lets you adopt improvements without having to worry about workflow complexity or the way changes could affect your processes.

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