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IP/MPLS network infrastructure for video surveillance

Network infrastructure with all the flexibility and reliability needed for video surveillance

Industries and governments have been using video surveillance to support their operations for many years. Today, video surveillance has become a mandatory requirement across multiple sectors.

  • Governments rely heavily on video surveillance as an integral part of crime prevention and homeland security measures.
  • Energy companies and utilities use video to monitor the condition of remote equipment and to ensure the physical security of their critical assets; in some regions, specific standards exist that must be adhered to.
  • Rail, highway authorities, and airports depend on video surveillance to safeguard critical assets from possible terrorist attacks and for day-to-day traffic monitoring to ensure passenger safety.
  • Seaports and freight companies use video surveillance for theft prevention.

There has been a major shift towards IP-based video surveillance systems with significant increase in bandwidth. This has forced changes in the communications infrastructure to provide higher capacity and QoS capabilities in order to ensure the video gets displayed, recorded, and routed to multiple control centers. When used for mission-critical surveillance, a highly reliable network is a must.

The Nokia IP/MPLS-based Network Infrastructure for Video Surveillance provides all the flexibility and reliability needed for this crucial application.

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